Michael Garfield & David Krakauer , COMPLEXITY: Physics of Life

Michael Garfield & David Krakauer on Evolution, Information, and Jurassic Park

30 Jun 2023 • 99 min • EN
99 min
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Episode Title and Show Notes: 106 - Michael Garfield & David Krakauer on Evolution, Information, and Jurassic Park Welcome to Complexity, the official podcast of the Santa Fe Institute. I'm Michael Garfield, producer of this show and host for the last 105 episodes. Since October, 2019, we have brought you with us for far ranging conversations with our worldwide network of rigorous researchers developing new frameworks to explain the deepest mysteries of the universe. Today I step down and depart from SFI with one final appearance as the guest of this episode. Our guest host is SFI President David Krakauer, he and I will braid together with nine other conversations from the archives in a retrospective masterclass on how this podcast traced the contours of complexity. We'll look back on episodes with David, Brian Arthur, Geoffrey West, Doyne Farmer, Deborah Gordon, Tyler Marghetis, Simon DeDeo, Caleb Scharf, and Alison Gopnik to thread some of the show's key themes through into windmills and white whales, SFI pursues, and my own life's persistent greatest questions. We'll ask about the implications of a world transformed by science and technology by deeper understanding and prediction and the ever-present knock-on consequences. If you value our research and communication efforts, please subscribe, rate and review us at Apple Podcasts or Spotify and consider making a donation or finding other ways to engage with SFI at Santa fe.edu/engage. Thank you each and all for listening. It's been a pleasure and an honor to take you offroad with us over these last years. Follow SFI on social media: Twitter • YouTube • Facebook • Instagram • LinkedIn 📚Reading & Videos: The Lost World by Michael Crichton Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton The Evolution of Syntactic Communication by Martin Nowak, Joshua Plotkin, and Vincent Jansen InterPlanetary Festival 2018 + SFI Science Explainer Animations by SFI Complexity Economics by SFI Press Supertheories and Consilience from Alchemy to Electromagnetism by Simon DeDeo (2019 SFI Seminar) How To Live in The Future, Part 4: The Future is Exapted/Remixed by Michael Garfield Artists Misusing Technology by NXT Museum The Collapse of Artificial Intelligence by Melanie Mitchell (2019 SFI Symposium Talk) The Debate Over Understanding in AI's Large Language Models by Melanie Mitchell & David Krakauer Welcome To Jurassic Park by Tink Zorg (re: COVID-19 and the collapse of supply chains) Smarter Parts Make Collective Systems Too Stubborn by Jordana Cepelewicz at Quanta Magazine (re: Albert Kao) Coarse-graining as a downward causation mechanism by Jessica Flack Argument Making In The Wild by Simon DeDeo (SFI Seminar re: egregores) The Collective Computation of Reality in Nature and Society by Jessica Flack (SFI Community Lecture re: “hourglass emergence”) Interaction-based evolution: how natural selection and nonrandom mutation work together by Adi Livnat In The Country of The Blind (_Afterword: An Introduction to Cliology) by Michael Flynn An exchange of letters on the role of noise in collective intelligence by Daniel Kahneman, David Krakauer, Olivier Sibony, Cass Sunstein, David Wolpert Murray Gell-Mann - Information overload. A crude look at the whole (180/200) (re: the challenges of funding truly innovative research) The work of art in the age of biocybernetic reproduction by W.J.T. Mitchell Ken Wilber Intelligence as a planetary scale process by Adam Frank, David Grinspoon, and Sara Walker Light & Magic (documentary series) on Disney+ Palantir Analytics The Lord of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now by Douglas Rushkoff Michael Levin Robustness of variance and autocorrelation as indicators of critical slowing down by Vasilis Dakos, Egbert H van Nes, Paolo D’Odorico, Marten Scheffer The Singularity in Our Past Light-Cone by Cosma Shalizi 🎧Podcasts:   Complexity Podcast 001 - David Krakauer on The Landscape of 21st Century Science 009 - Mirta Galesic on Social Learning & Decision-making 012 - Matthew Jackson on Social and Economic Networks 013 - W. Brian Arthur (Part 1) on The History of Complexity Economics 016 - Andy Dobson on Disease Ecology & Conservation Strategy 036 - Geoffrey West on Scaling, Open-Ended Growth, and Accelerating Crisis/Innovation Cycles: Transcendence or Collapse? 056 - J. Doyne Farmer on The Complexity Economics Revolution 060 - Andrea Wulf on The Invention of Nature, Part 1: Humboldt’s Naturegemälde 065 - Deborah Gordon on Ant Colonies as Distributed Computers 067 - Tyler Marghetis on Breakdowns & Breakthroughs: Critical Transitions in Jazz & Mathematics 072 - Simon DeDeo on Good Explanations & Diseases of Epistemology 087 - Sara Walker on The Physics of Life and Planet-Scale Intelligence 090 - Caleb Scharf on The Ascent of Information: Life in The Human Dataome 92 - Miguel Fuentes & Marco Buongiorno Nardelli on Music, Emergence, and Society 099 - Alison Gopnik on Child Development, Elderhood, Caregiving, and A.I.   Future Fossils Podcast 194 - Simon Conway Morris on Convergent Evolution & Creative Mass Extinctions 190 - Lauren Seyler on Dark Microbiology & Right Relations in Science 165 - Kevin Kelly on Time, Memory, Change, and Vanishing Asia 125 - Stuart Kauffman on Physics, Life, and The Adjacent Possible   Podcast theme music by Mitch Mignano Other music by Michael Garfield

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