Cleoniki Kesidis - Forging Connection as a Creative

12 Jul 2023 • 43 min • EN
43 min
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Cleoniki Kesidis is a copywriter and brand storyteller who uses her love of figuring things out and communicating them simply and clearly to help businesses connect with their audiences in a meaningful way. In this episode, you’ll hear how Cleoniki launched her copywriting business by combining her passions, how she uses relationships to grow her business, the importance of knowing your audience as a business owner…and much more. Cleoniki recounts her journey into her copywriting business by combining 2 of her passions, the key action she took to go full-time as a freelance writer, how she got her first clients, and how she builds relationships to grow a stronger business. Cleoniki shares her system for making connections, how she attracts clients she wants to work with, why she doesn’t have a specialized niche, preventing burnout as a creative and business owner, and avoiding the pitfalls of perfectionism as a writer. Cleoniki discusses the foundational elements you should have in place before working with a copywriter, the importance of knowing your audience as a business owner, how to develop your business brand voice, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to push away certain audiences. Cleoniki concludes our chat by explaining how to use your business brand voice vs. your personal voice, how she uses AI in her work, and why starting a business is possible for anyone. Skip to Topic: 6:20 - Using a system to track your networking contacts 14:53 - Avoiding burnout when you’re a creative running a business 17:28 - How to combat perfectionism as a writer 21:07 - Foundational elements a business needs before hiring a copywriter 24:27 - Why it’s critical to know your audience as a business owner 26:28 - Attracting clients you want to work with 29:38 - Should your business brand voice be the same as your personal voice? 32:29 - Using a strategic approach to develop your business voice 35:02 - Using AI in copywriting 40:03 - Why starting a business is possible for anyone Find Cleoniki  at: Website: LinkedIn: Visit Stephanie at: Follow me on Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter Support the show

From "Real People, Real Business"

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