Clay’s path to product-market-fit: Building vertical, creating power users, and understanding founder psychology | Kareem Amin (Co-founder and CEO)

18 Jan 2024 • 54 min • EN
54 min
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Kareem Amin is the co-founder of Clay, a lead-generation software that uses AI to scrape 50+ databases and help companies scale their outbound campaigns. Before Clay, Kareem was the VP of Product at The Wall Street Journal. Kareem also co-founded Frame ( which was acquired by Sailthru in 2012. — In today’s episode, we discuss: Creating a community of power users How to stay ruthlessly focused and make decisions faster Clay’s principles for finding product-market-fit Why a company is the reflection of its founder’s personality Aligning your own psychology with the business The mindset change from a first to second-time founder — Referenced: Airtable: Clay: Figma: Internal Family Systems: NetSuite: Notion: Sailthru: — Where to find Kareem Amin: LinkedIn: Twitter/X: — Where to find Todd Jackson: LinkedIn: Twitter/X: — Where to find First Round Capital: Website: First Round Review: Twitter: YouTube: This podcast on all platforms: — Timestamps: (00:00) Introduction (02:36) Clay’s origin story (05:54) Building for a specific customer (10:42) Knowing when to build for a broader customer-base (12:46) The life spiral framework (15:52) How founders can make better decisions (18:57) Kareem’s principles for product-market-fit (25:36) Clay’s customer journey (30:04) Interesting tactic to find power users (34:00) How to know you have product-market-fit (37:11) The impact of founder psychology on the business (39:41) Mastering commitment to sprints (40:47) How Kareem’s own personality affected his company (43:31) Actionable advice to understand founder psychology (46:25) Why focus is misunderstood (47:09) The mindset shift from a first to second-time founder (50:28) What’s next for Clay (52:14) The best piece of advice Kareem has actioned

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