Chris Troka - Elevating Business Through AI and Collaborative Innovation

09 Aug 2023 • 40 min • EN
40 min
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Chris Troka is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Focused-Biz, an innovative marketing company that leverages AI to help businesses create better customer experiences, increase conversion rates, and reduce time spent on administrative tasks using automation. In this episode, you’ll hear how Chris identified a gap between technology and marketing and developed an AI-based solution to fill it, the collaborative approach he uses to develop his business tool, and the opportunities and considerations for using AI in your business.  Chris tells us about the incredible success of his first business as a wedding DJ and falling in love with marketing, the drive behind launching a marketing agency, using AI and automation for business enhancement, and his quest to improve customer experience and administrative efficiency. Chris describes the gap he saw between marketing and technology, Focused-Biz’s Comprehensive 14-in-1 business tool, the collaborative approach he’s taken to developing and improving the tool, and how businesses can use the tool to enhance their processes.  Chris gets candid about the challenges of becoming a business owner, why he says you need to “choose your hard” as an entrepreneur, how the shift in work culture and worker motivation impacts business strategy and the two channels that have been most successful in generating leads.  Lastly, Chris shares why most businesses can benefit from using AI, the big opportunities he sees in AI, ethical considerations to be aware of in your marketing and communications, why he believes in collaboration over competition in business, and the work he’s doing to create industry-specific AI solutions. Skip to Topic: 3:20 - Starting an AI-based marketing agency 4:59 - Taking action and avoiding analysis paralysis 6:01 - How Focused-Biz’s 14-in-one AI business tool works 7:06 - Two ways businesses can leverage Focused-Biz’s AI tool 8:40 - Using open-source development and improving upon what’s already out there 10:58 - Creating a solution to fill the gap between technology and marketing 13:08 - The challenges of becoming a business owner 15:26 - Why you need to understand worker motivation as a business owner 19:12 - Why most businesses can benefit from AI 21:35 - The emergence of new skill sets and uses for AI technology 23:49 - Ethical considerations in marketing and communication 26:02 - Opportunities in AI and marketing to enhance your business 28:55 - Two lead generation strategies that Focused-Biz uses to attract customers 30:37 - Using a collaborative approach to development and business 32:46 - The truth about competition in business 34:50 - Creating industry-specific AI technology solutions 37:11 - The value of niching by industry Find Chris at: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Visit Stephanie at: Follow me on Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter Support the show

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