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Jesse Itzler - Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Living with a SEAL, 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet

28 Nov 2016 • 26 min • EN
26 min
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There are lots of crazy things people to do to attain success. Jesse Itzler is one of the rare individuals who does crazy things more for the experience and the learning than for anything else. In this conversation you’re going to get a quick dive into the mind and life of an amazing guy who has built million dollar companies, intentionally put himself in the most difficult of circumstances, and has come away hungry for more. You won’t want to miss this conversation with Jesse Itzler. Building a private jet company from nothing but an idea. When Jesse Itzler and his business partner had the idea to sell $25 flight cards to enable people to have access to private jets many people thought they were crazy. When they had the opportunity to pitch their idea to the founder of NetJets they were thrown out of the meeting within 12 minutes. But they discovered after the fact that was actually a good thing. If you want to hear the incredible story of how two 20-something guys build and sold a company worth millions you’ve got to hear this episode of Freedom Fast Lane. Failure is only the end if you stop trying. Many attempts at building successful companies but failing all the same only taught Jesse Itzler one thing: You’ve got to keep trying. He’s the kind of guy who sees each try as part of the learning curve you have to go through in order to gain the experience and knowledge that will eventually make you successful. It’s a long game that pays off - but only if you refuse to let the failures beat you. Jesse shares how the failures have served him and explains how yours can serve you, on this episode. He invited the toughest man alive to live with him for 30 days. Jesse Itzler is not a guy to stay inside the box. When he had the opportunity to meet a Navy SEAL who was touted to be the toughest man alive Jesse had a crazy idea. He invited the guy to move in with him for 30 days and teach him everything he knew. They guy felt that if Jesse was crazy enough to ask then he’d be crazy enough to take him up on the offer. Jesse didn’t know what he was in for. On this episode, Jesse tells the whole story - from oxygen deprivation to no pee zones, to jumping into frozen lakes - the endurance, perseverance, and mindset lessons he learned have made Jesse even more of the undefeatable entrepreneur he is today. You’ll love this one. Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2016 is still open for registrations. Get yours today. The one thing Ryan is most proud of that the Freedom Fast Lane team does every year is the Freedom Fast Lane LIVE events. Last year’s event was outrageously successful and this year’s promises to be an even bigger deal. You won’t want to miss today’s guest, Jesse Itzler, one of the speakers on day two - as well as the all-star investment panel, Peter Diamandis, and many others. You can hear how to get your ticket on this episode so be sure you listen. Outline Of This Great Episode [0:05] Ryan’s introduction of Jesse Itzler, an amazing man and entrepreneur. [1:44] How you can still get your tickets for Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2016. [3:05] How Jesse got into the private jet business. [6:50] How failure has taught Jesse to persevere and move ahead in spite of failures. [11:37] Moving on to charity events and coconut water. [13:42] Jesse’s book about a Navy SEAL who lived with him and trained his mindset. [18:57] How Jesse and his wife, Sara Blakely met. [21:05] The next ideas Jesse is working on for his future. [23:12] Jesse’s advice about business and life success. Action Steps From This Episode FOR GETTING STARTED: Don’t let inexperience keep you from trying. Jesse didn’t have any experience in any of the businesses he has made successful. But he knew how to learn, work, and pivot to find success. FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Learn to shake it up. Learn that you are capable of much more than you think you are even when you’re at the peak of your perceived performance. Connect With Today’s guest: Jesse Itzler Website: http://www.the100mileman.com/ On Twitter Resources Mentioned On This Episode NetJets BOOK: Living With A SEAL Spanx BOOK: Fit For Life  

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