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176 | Your competition is likely spying on your business, but you CAN protect yourself. Advice by Robert Kerbeck, a 25 years business spy

27 Feb 2023 • 39 min • EN
39 min
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Your business isn"t too small or unimportant for someone to spy on you. Sadly it is extremely easy to extract highly sensitive information from employees and co-workers. Such information may include anything that your competition can use in order to have an unfair advantage over you - lists of clients, contracts, your pricing, your top talent compensation packages,  budget, best marketing channels, etc. Robert Kerbeck, spent years as a business spy, before he switched sides. He claims that in a few minutes he can find out all that information about almost any company with a few simple phone calls. In this episodes he shares 💥 The technics that can be used to extract such information 💥 Who are the easy targets 💥 And, most importantly, what your organization can do to protect itself Connect with  Robert on Linkedin Hi, It"s Isar the host of the Business Growth Accelerator Podcast I am passionate about growing businesses and helping CEOs, business leaders, and entrepreneurs become more successful. I am also passionate about relationship building, community creation for businesses, and value creation through content. I would love it if you connect with me on LinkedIn. Drop me a DM, and LMK you listened to the podcast, what you think and what topics you would like me to cover 🙏

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