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147 | Community for Businesses - Why, How, and Where, with Community Building Consultant Deb Schell

15 Aug 2022 • 66 min • EN
66 min
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In business, finding and getting feedback from customers as early as possible can save you a lot of time and give you a better grasp on what you should improve in your product. But the tried-and-true methods of doing that involve countless of hours of scrolling, researching and literally living on online forums. What If I told you there"s a better way? A way that can turn into a flywheel that brings feedback constantly?  Behold, the online community. One of the best ways to build an audience, customer base and a feedback loop for your products. If you want to learn how to build your own online community and the best platforms suited for it, check out my full interview with Community Consultant Deb Schell on episode 147 of the Business Growth Accelerator Show!  Here"s what Deb and I covered on the show: 💥 Community Creation For Beginners. 💥The Best Platforms To Build Communities. 💥And so much MORE! Hi, It"s Isar the host of the Business Growth Accelerator Podcast I am passionate about growing businesses and helping CEOs, business leaders, and entrepreneurs become more successful. I am also passionate about relationship building, community creation for businesses, and value creation through content. I would love it if you connect with me on LinkedIn. Drop me a DM, and LMK you listened to the podcast, what you think and what topics you would like me to cover 🙏

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