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355: Craig Ballantyne | How to Create YOUR Perfect Week

25 Nov 2019 • 51 min • EN
51 min
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Craig Ballantyne is the author of the Perfect Day Formula and the new book Unstoppable. He is the founder of multiple 7-figure businesses in fitness and coaching. In this episode of Build Your Network, you will find out how Craig shifted from the fitness space to personal development and how to find your perfect mentor.   Episode Highlights: Craig began as a strength coach for hockey in Canada, where he grew up. He knew that to accomplish this goal, he had to get a strength and conditioning certification and a Master's degree. Craig believes the most important factor to his success was his clarity on what he wanted. On the StrengthsFinder test, Craig got Visionary, Futuristic Thinking, Strategy, Implementation and Learning, and he always thought everyone was like that.  If you experience imposter syndrome, you discount and undervalue things that you are naturally good at and believe everyone is good at it. Craig sent his email newsletter to the editor of Men’s Health and they offered to publish it.  Getting a foot in the door at that magazine gave Craig what he calls his “critical credibility.” Craig figured out how to do what he calls introverted networking.  Whenever you are building a relationship with someone, always try to make their life easier and you will lower the resistance to getting a yes.  To build credibility today, you don’t need to be in the most high-status publications, but rather appear on a lot of websites, speak at events, be a guest on a podcast, take pictures with people, etc. in order to manufacture your own celebrity.  Leverage other people’s credibility in order to boost your own.  Through selling ebooks, Craig had his first business seminar and ran his first mastermind in 2007. Once he wasn’t working as a personal trainer anymore and was working for himself, the freedom and flexibility actually led to Craig going out every night and having severe anxiety attacks. Craig realized that what he needed and craved wasn’t more freedom, but more structure. In an effort to build his business up to the level of a business he admired, Early to Rise, Craig ultimately ended up eventually buying that business! Craig’s coach told him in order to achieve what he wanted, he needed to grow his network and get better at public speaking. To find a business coach, you have to identify someone who has achieved what you want to achieve, who shares your morals and ethics, and with whom you have rapport. You have to do the work to verify coaches’ claims. The more affluent the person, the more important referrals become. Not even the best coach will be able to manufacture immediate, magical results; you have to take responsibility and have appropriate expectations. Set realistic expectations and make sure both parties understand them, both with you coach and with people you hire to work for you. You have to build your business around your life, and not your life around your business—put your life obligations on your calendar first as non-negotiables. Craig firmly believes what you know is more important, because if you knew nobody but you knew networking skills, then you have everything you need. The Random Round 3 Key Points: Don’t undervalue your gifts and greatness. Build credibility and success through speed. Do your research on potential coaches before hiring someone. Tweetable Quotes: “If anybody out there is struggling with impostor syndrome, it is because you discount your greatness. And when you step into your greatness, then all of a sudden your perspective around your value to other people can totally change.” –Craig Ballantyne “Success loves speed. Delay kills dreams.” –Craig Ballantyne Resources... For information regarding your data privacy, visit ( Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

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