Bring More Feminine Energy Into Your Business With Marissa Lawton

05 Sep 2023 • 35 min • EN
35 min
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Marissa Lawton is an 8-year online entrepreneur and conduit for ancient women’s wisdom who guides feminine seekers to reclaim their divine power and channel it into their businesses.  As a former licensed therapist who left the medical model of mental health care, Marissa had a behind-the-scenes look into how patriarchal systems and structures continue to diminish women’s ability to co-create the lives and businesses that serve their innate needs.  And her Work in the world is to change that. By helping women reconnect to nature’s rhythms, Marissa aims to reintroduce long-denied mysteries and reestablish deep feminine roots in the entrepreneurial space. In this week"s episode, Marissa and I are talking about how you can bring more feminine energy into your business. We discuss:Living from a rooted placeIntuitive decision-making for your businessListening to your intuition versus having an analytical mindset when it comes to business decision-making; Can you do both?What does masculine and feminine energy look like in a business?Traditional marketing with a mystical, sacred flare and how you can bring mysticality into your businessRedefining your measure of successSome examples of how you can bring more feminine energy into your business Connect with Marissa:RootedFeminine.comRooted Feminine PodcastFollow Rooted Feminine on InstagramMarissa Lawton - Side Hustles for PsychotherapistsTake the quiz: "What season of “re-rooting” are you in?" Support the show

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