Breaking Patterns of Unhappiness: Master Your Vibrational Set Points & Learn To Choose Joy

16 Dec 2023 • 22 min • EN
22 min
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Breaking patterns of unhappiness is easier said than done. Ever wondered why some people seem content with their unhappiness?  They might be judgmental, mean, or just occasionally snappy at times, but overall, unwilling to change and evolve. That’s a sign of living in a low vibration energy. As the human beings that we are, it’s only natural to have bad days or moments of judgment and low vibration. However, recognizing that mindset and mindfully choosing to shift away from it is up to us.  In today’s episode, I examine the concept of true and intentional happiness and how that looks different for everyone. In a society obsessed with the pursuit of joy, we confront the question: What if someone doesn't want to be happy? I unravel the layers of relative happiness, exploring how our comparisons shape our perception of joy. I also challenge the notion that true happiness is comfortable and explore the difference between being content in our conditioned selves versus experiencing genuine, high-vibrational joy. From the challenge of recognizing our complaints and judgments to the power of imagination in shifting our vibration and mindset, there are gems of knowledge in this episode that can help you in all aspects of life.  Join me and let’s navigate the complexities of our thought patterns and cultivate a life that aligns with our highest and best selves. Tune in!  Key Takeaways: Introduction (00:00) Exploring the Idea of Relative Happiness (01:55) How To Break Away From a Low-Frequency Set Point (04:46) Making Different Choices in the Face of Judgment (14:11) Elevating Your Vibration in Moments of Unhappiness (15:59) An Invitation To Notice and Question the Moments of Low Vibration (20:52) Additional Resources: Follow Amira Alvarez: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: If you enjoyed this episode, please follow, rate, and leave a review on your favorite podcast platform! — The Unstoppable Woman Podcast explores what it takes for women to scale their businesses and their lives, so you can get out of your own way, increase cash flow, and create freedom!

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