Breaking Free: Building An Authentic Business Beyond the Cults & Gurus (Guest Elaine Williams) Ep. 120

30 Sep 2023 • 39 min • EN
39 min
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In this episode, Heather Zeitzwolfe sits down with Elaine Williams (speech & video coach) from Captivate The Crowd to discuss the allure and pitfalls of business gurus and cults.  They delve deep into:The attraction and potential dangers of following business gurus and cults.The initial inspiration from a guru and the subsequent journey.Evaluating the real benefits and drawbacks of guru-led advice.The hidden costs involved in terms of time, money, and energy.Exposing the cult-like tactics prevalent in MLMs and pyramid schemes.The fine line between self-improvement and mind control Using critical thinking to know what truly resonates and when to step back.Practical tips for creating an authentic business that aligns with your individual values. The duo emphasizes the importance of escaping the "guru maze" and embarking on a business journey that truly aligns ethically with one"s values. The episode encourages listeners to build genuine, authentic businesses that are true to themselves and to approach everything with an open mind, steering clear of blindly following the herd. Contact Heather: Instagram - LinkedIn - Email: Get Radical With Your Business: Facebook - Website Book a Discovery Call (via Zoom) - Schedule Zeitzwolfe Accounting: Website - Facebook

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