Breaking Boundaries: Integrating Functional and Traditional Medicine for Personalized Care

29 Jun 2023 • 51 min • EN
51 min
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On this episode of the Power of Genetics podcast, Dr. Yael Joffe introduces Dr. Leslie Stone and Emily Rydbom. Leslie shares her transition from obstetrics to functional medicine, while Emily discusses her passion for nutrition. They stress the need for integrating functional and traditional medicine for personalized care. The conversation centers around their work with Grow Baby, a groundbreaking nutrition program for preconception and pregnancy. They explore the role of genetics in improving health outcomes and resilience. Building relationships is highlighted as crucial for effective leadership. This episode showcases the importance of embracing complexity and seeking innovative solutions in healthcare.    Limitations of traditional approaches to nutrition and the need for a new kind of nutrition professional. Emphasizing curiosity, open-mindedness, and challenging conventional wisdom in the field of nutrition. Creating the Grow Baby program to support women during preconception and pregnancy with a holistic approach. The value of genetics in optimizing health outcomes and promoting resilience. The significance of building relationships and connections to effectively lead and make a difference. Advocating for a holistic and personalized approach to nutrition and health for comprehensive care.

From "The Power of Genetics"

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