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Brad Lea Opens Up About Faith After Near Death Experience

27 Dec 2023 • 113 min • EN
113 min
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Join Brad Lea and Ryan Pineda in a thought-provoking debate on religion and beliefs, as they navigate harrowing experiences, discuss the nature of God, and explore faith with raw honesty... Watch the full episode to learn more! --- Want to be coached by me on real estate investing? Join our Wealthy Investor program today at https://wealthyinvestor.com/podcast Would you like my team to help build your personal brand? Apply to join Pineda Media at https://pinedamedia.com/podcast --- Connect with Brad! Connect with Brad! Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/therealbradlea/ YouTube -   @THEREALBRADLEA   Recently, Brad Lea faced a harrowing incident when his two-year-old daughter nearly drowned in their family pool. Following this ordeal, the little girl started chanting the name "Yashua," which Brad firmly asserts as being Jesus Christ’s real name. Brad, who has always maintained faith though not overtly vocal about it, expresses his passion for the name "Yashua" and believes it represents the ultimate truth. While Brad is deeply committed to his faith, he refrains from openly discussing it to avoid spreading misinformation. He shares his hesitations about certain pastors and Christians due to negative past experiences, questioning their depth of knowledge. The conversation delves into various theories about the nature of God, Yashua, and the Holy Spirit. The discussion extends to beliefs held by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and Islam. Ryan asserts his belief in the Bible"s absolute truth. Witchcraft, sorcery, demons, and disobedience are explored. Ryan draws parallels between biblical stories, like Adam and the snake, and modern issues, such as infidelity, emphasizing the impact of small choices on larger decisions. Brad challenges conventional celebrations like Christmas and Easter, deeming them deceptive. Expressing dissatisfaction with lukewarm Christian practices, Brad affirms his conversion to being truly devout if he were to receive a sign from God. Ryan advocates focusing on fundamental aspects of faith rather than getting bogged down by debatable details. Brad distinguishes between faith and belief, emphasizing that change is possible. In terms of podcasting, Brad aims to elevate the content and intelligence on his shows and reduce explicit language. Ryan encourages influencers to share their imperfect faith journeys, drawing parallels to the story of Paul. Shifting to business, Brad invites those earning less than three to five hundred thousand dollars annually to reach out for sales advice and potential job opportunities. The conversation touches on topics like cold plunges, discipline, and sustainable habits, with both Ryan and Brad sharing different perspectives on what discipline entails and the importance of sustainability in maintaining habits. They also discuss health practices such as intermittent fasting and Ryan"s experiences with testosterone and peptides. --- Secure your spot at the #1 conference for real estate, entrepreneurship, and social media here - https://www.wealthcon.org/ Feeling lost as an entrepreneur or real estate investor? Get access to our community, coaching, courses, and events at Wealthy University https://wealthyuniversity.com/ If you want to level up, text me at 725-444-5244! ---

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