BONUS - Purposeless Purpose: From Episode 6 of "Words From My Teachers"

26 Jan 2024 • 7 min • EN
7 min
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This week, over at my new premium Substack podcast, Words From My Teachers, I released Episode 6, continuing readings from the book, The Center Within by Rev. Gyomay Kubose. In the episode I read the following essays: Middle Way, Water, Purposeless Purpose, No Mind, and How the Buddha Taught. As a special bonus episode for the Everyday Buddhism podcast, I am sharing the reading of the essay Purposeless Purpose. It's a wonderful essay to reflect on, as they all are in The Center Within, but I'm releasing it here on the Everyday Buddhism podcast as a companion piece to Episode 103.   Become a patron to support this podcast and get special member benefits, including a membership community and virtual sangha:   If this podcast has helped you understand Buddhism or help in your everyday life, consider making a one-time donation here:   Subscribe to my premium Substack feed and podcast, Words From My Teachers: Subscribe to "Words From My Teachers"   Support the podcast through the affiliate link to buy the book, Everyday Buddhism: Real-Life Buddhist Teachings & Practices for Real Change: Buy the book, Everyday Buddhism

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