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Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Pathway To Insight With Ann Hince

05 Dec 2023 • 37 min • EN
37 min
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Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Pathway To Insight With Ann Hince Changing the world, from the inside, out. Spiritual teacher, public speaker, author of A Pathway To Insight: Recapture Your Childhood Buzz - Ann Hince joins us. Ann has developed the ability to sense inside her body, and release physical tension stored in her connective tissue, using solely the focus of her mind. She has x-rays to show the physical changes resulting from this inner work - including changing the alignment of her eye sockets, the straightening of her neck, the centering of her lower jaw, and the growth of her tooth roots. She has also grown 3/4 of an inch at the age of 56. To learn more about Ann check out her out here. To see more of my work check me out at my website Where I write and cover mindfulness and other things to help you Blossom Your Awesome. Or checkout my other site where I right about arts and culture, wellness, essays and op-eds. Or follow me on instagram where I post fairly regularly and ask an inquisitive question or two weekly in hopes of getting you thinking about your life and going deeper with it. My Instagram - i_go_by_skd To support my work - my Patreon To see more of who I"m talking to on the Podcast, to advertise your brand on the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast or just get in touch click here.  

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