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149 - Ethereum in 2023 with Vitalik Buterin

19 Dec 2022 • 99 min • EN
99 min
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✨ DEBRIEF | Unpacking the Episode: https://shows.banklesshq.com/p/vitalik-buterin-2023-debrief  ------ Vitalik Buterin is your friendly neighborhood Ethereum developer, an alfalfa male who thinks we should rename Gas to Mana. In today’s episode, Vitalik unpacks his recent essay, “What in the Ethereum application ecosystem excites me,” and his thoughts around why crypto villains are getting worse, what Ethereum’s most scalable use case is, why he plans to say ‘Ethereum’ rather than ‘crypto’ in 2023, how Ethereum solves the big bad identity problem, and why he thinks “simple DeFi good, complicated DeFi bad.” Every episode with Vitalik is a must-listen and this one is no different. ------ 📣 Kraken | The Crypto Exchange for Everyone https://bankless.cc/kraken  ------ 🚀 SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER: https://newsletter.banklesshq.com/?utm_source=banklessshowsyt  🎙️ SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST: https://availableon.com/bankless  ------ BANKLESS SPONSOR TOOLS: ⚖️ ARBITRUM | SCALING ETHEREUM https://bankless.cc/Arbitrum  👯 DESO | DECENTRALIZED SOCIAL BLOCKCHAIN https://bankless.cc/Deso  🦁 BRAVE | THE BROWSER NATIVE WALLET https://bankless.cc/Brave  📡 TRUEFI | CRYPTO FINANCIAL HUB https://bankless.cc/TrueFi  👾 SEQUENCE | ALL-IN-ONE PLATFORM https://bankless.cc/Sequence  ⚡️FUEL | THE MODULAR EXECUTION LAYER https://bankless.cc/fuel  ------ Topics Covered 0:00 Intro 7:44 Vitalik’s 2022 Crypto Reflections 17:31 Was 2022 More Unusual? 25:58 Esperanto, Linux, & Crypto 34:57 Advice for the Crypto Space 38:31 Permissionless Commons Criticism 45:54 2022 Lessons Learned by Vitalik 52:22 Vitalik’s Recent Blog Post 1:00:00 Why Do We Need Crypto Money? 1:10:29 Where the Opportunity in Crypto is 1:13:52 Identity 1:24:29 DAOs & Governance Innovation 1:31:05 Hybrid Applications 1:36:30 Accelerating the Good Things 1:41:05 Vitalik’s Role in 2023 1:44:48 Action Items & Disclaimers ------ Resources: Vitalik https://twitter.com/VitalikButerin  What in the Ethereum Application Ecosystem Excites Me - Vitalik https://vitalik.ca/general/2022/12/05/excited.html  Why I’m Less Than Infinitely Hostile to Cryptocurrency - Astral Codex Ten https://astralcodexten.substack.com/p/why-im-less-than-infinitely-hostile  Vitalik’s Other Bankless Appearances https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bankless+vitalik  ----- Not financial or tax advice. This channel is strictly educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions. This video is not tax advice. Talk to your accountant. Do your own research. Disclosure. From time-to-time I may add links in this newsletter to products I use. I may receive commission if you make a purchase through one of these links. Additionally, the Bankless writers hold crypto assets. See our investment disclosures here: https://www.bankless.com/disclosures 

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