Are You Getting the Most or the Best from Your Leaders Featuring Valerie Menzel

24 Jan 2024 • 55 min • EN
55 min
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In this conversation, Naketa Ren Thigpen and Valerie Menzel discuss the importance of creating new habits and setting boundaries. They emphasize the need to schedule emails and responses to manage expectations and avoid burnout. They also explore the challenges faced by achievers in setting boundaries and the importance of self-awareness. The conversation highlights the role of strengths in managing people and fostering understanding. They stress the importance of treating others with respect and kindness, and the power of self-compassion and taking breaks to maintain well-being. Time Stamps: 00:00 Leverage strengths, avoid perfectionism, and delegate effectively. 05:26 Creating a business partnership and thriving professionally. 08:20 Collecting valuable connections when there are opposite personalities in business. 10:42 Different backgrounds in business can complement each other. 14:54 Excitement about strengths making a huge business impact. 19:00 Encouraging women to embrace their strengths in business. 21:47 Childhood traits may influence leadership styles. 23:16 Buried skills, but reliable top talents. 28:41 Balancing ambition with rest in business communication. 30:44 Transitioning to a slower pace and respecting personal time. 34:17 Promote self-awareness, intentionality, and celebrating achievements. 36:55 Embrace firm boundaries without sacrificing kindness. 40:01 Professional guidance can clarify assessments for businesswomen. 42:25 Women face disrespectful assumptions and discrimination at work. 48:07 Seeking self-compassion amidst an overwhelming workload in business. 49:12 A lifelong learner and psychology enthusiast who embraces daily gratitude. 53:11 Seek professional guidance for self-awareness and progress. More about Valerie Menzel Valerie Menzel is a Gallup-trained Clifton Strengths coach and Principal for Strengths Savvy, a company that provides coaching, team-building, and leadership workshops for companies, families, students, and individuals. Valerie's work experience also includes hosting and producing television shows, public speaking, voiceover work, managing outreach for one of the nation’s most respected nonprofits and 15 years of producing photo shoots and managing the Creative Planning department of a Fortune 500 cosmetics company. Follow Valerie Menzel: Balance Boldly for Ambitious Women in Business (and a few brave men) is a weekly podcast hosted by Naketa Ren Thigpen, the #1 Balance (and) Relationship Advisor in the world. The show offers work-life balance and relationship development strategies you can implement that help you navigate transitions in life while strengthening personal and professional relationships. Naketa and her incredibly potent guest focus on enhancing mental health and wellbeing without sacrificing boundaries, sustainable business growth practices, or relationship intimacy from the bedroom to the boardroom. The strategies shared in what feels like a mutual conversation with friends you trust will help you leave new multigenerational imprints and balance boldly. Your Review Matters! Listen & Leave a review on Apple Podcast: <a href="" rel="noopener...

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