Richard Kaufman & Todd Saylor , Vertical Momentum Resiliency Podcast

Are You Average? Or Wired Differently? Join Author Todd Saylor To Find Out.

18 Jul 2023 • 83 min • EN
83 min
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ARE YOU JUST AVERAGE OR LIKE US WIRED DIFFERENTLY? On This Episode Of The Vertical Momentum Resiliency Podcast Host Richard Kaufman Veteran-Keynote speaker-Comeback Coach Sits Down With 14X Business Owner And Guiness Book Of World Record Holder Todd Saylor Wired Differently. To Listen/Watch This Episode On Your Favorite Platforms Click Down Below: In my inspiring interview with Todd Saylor, we delved into the captivating stories of Indiana icons Bobby Knight, Peyton Manning, and Larry Bird, exploring what made them truly great. Todd shared how his father, a football coach, influenced his own journey. We emphasized the importance of intention and being wired differently. Being wired differently brings unique benefits, empowering us to achieve greatness. To drift back into your lane and dominate it, harness free will, understand your subconscious, and activate the reticular activation system. Why your significant other plays a crucial role in your success. Strive to be the GOAT, like Michael Jordan, Kobe, or Tom Brady, while still enjoying life. Align your habits with your north star and bounce back from setbacks. Download, listen, and share this episode for an enriching experience! To Get In Touch With Todd Or Buy His Books Visit Him At: Thank You To Our Sponsors: Vertical Momentum Resiliency Coffee For Being The Coffee That Powers Todds Business Order Below. Buzzy Bees Honey For Making The Best Honey Available. To Order Click Link Below. #mindset #mindsetmatters #Indiana --- Support this podcast:

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