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Winning The Game That You Choose to Play with Alex Terranova

12 Oct 2020 • 74 min • EN
74 min
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You have to figure out what game you want to play. The last thing you want is to win at the wrong game.  Today I spoke with the founder of DreamMason® Inc. Performance Coaching, Alex Terranova. He is also the author of Fictional Authenticity and the Host of The DreamMason Podcast & Flip the Lens. His journey all started with his passion for helping others rediscover their dreams and goals in life.  Let’s dive into this episode and find out how to accept pain as part of our learning process and win the game you are playing.   Things you will learn in this episode: [00:01 - 16:59] Opening Segment I introduce my guest,  Alex Terranova, to the showAlex talks briefly about being a Dream MasonFinding the meaning of being a Life CoachMost people lose their dream in the journey of life for some reasonMason means builder: builds dream with their own handsEveryone is a dream mason if they’re willing to be courageous enough to declare that they have dreamsAlex talks about his current life and projectsRunning his first company DreamMason® Inc. Performance CoachingLaunch the Dream Mason podcastCo-host of the Coaching ShowCreated multiple courses and coaching programsAlex talks about his book ‘Fictional Authenticity.’All of us have dreams from when we were young We did not get the answers and clarity. We create a version of our dream that we compensate for because of our fearWe might not realize it because the dreams are not who we areAlex talks about his background.He was born and raised in LA.Being surrounded by vanity and how things look like from the outsideWent to college and found himself in the bartending and restaurant worldLiving his 20s based on ego and avoidance behaviorFound himself lost and doing things he did not wantMoved to NYCHad a n awakening [17:00- 22:14] Winning the game that you choose to playAlex talks about what brought him to that place where he lost his dreamsWe get exactly what we wantSubconsciously we want some things but not the consequences Figure out what game you're playingYou might win at the game that you did not want to be playing With each level that we are at, we have to drop another storyWe have to peel the old skin offStep into the unknown of something new  [22:15- 27:41] Being comfortable addressing your pain Alex talks about facing pain in lifePain is something that we’re all going to feel at some pointWe have a choice on how to deal with pain It is going to be painful to leave a part of life behindYou get to choose what you do with your painYou could suffer from itYou can choose to do something else with itIf you want to leave something behind, you have to be okay with being uncomfortableEverything that we want is on the other side of this comfortLearn to embrace the discomfort and make meaning of itEnjoy the ride as we go [27:42 - 33:19] Creating a Bigger LifeTake the risk to get into the unknownThere are consequences for everything, but there’s nothing wrong with itYou get to choose your problem if you want to create a bigger lifeIf you want to experience a life other than what you are living, you’re going to have to do things other than what you have donePut up efforts in another way [33:20 - 39:55] The FOCUS FIVE SegmentWhat book have you gifted most often? Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue by Neale Donald Walsch If you can get an hour of somebody's time and ask questions, who would that be and why?Michael JordanHe has committed and sacrificed a lot of things the be the best at what he wants to beWhat is one thing you believe that most people would disagree with you: We usually say we don’t know; we just say it as an excuse to get out what we have to deal with or the consequences of the answer that we might giveMorning routine; How do you start your day?Meditate before he does anything else for about 16-25 mins What is the best place we can connect with you online and find your book?See below for social links.Final words from me Tweetable Quotes:  “ Everyone is a dream mason if they’re willing to be courageous enough to declare that they have dreams.”  - Alex Terranova. “Figure out what game you're playing, because you might end up winning at the game you didn’t want to play.”  - Alex Terranova. “If we are struggling with something right now, ask yourself, what are we getting from the struggle?”  - Alex Terranova are Resources mentioned in the episode:Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue by Neale Donald WalschMichael JordanThe DreamMason PodcastFictional Authenticity by Alex TerranovaFlip the Lens PodcastThe Coaching Show Podcast You can connect with Alex on Instagram and LinkedIn . You can also visit his website on www.thedreammason.com/ and visit this link to get a Free Ebook: Authenticity Audit.  LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes. Are you working HARD but not really moving the needle on anything? You should check out my POWER LIST and find out how you can get more done to move your business, project, or relationship closer to where you want it to be. Let’s go! To know more about me and all the real estate opportunities you can find, check out my website at Hansstruzyna.com. Get the chance to talk with me for FREE. Set up a call using this link https://calendly.com/h-struzyna/15min Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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