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An Innovator, International Speaker, and Founder of SHAIR, now inspiring small-medium business owners to continuously improve by adopting programs that promote profit/revenue and habit cultivation with 12 FTEs. (Damian Andrews)

04 Jul 2023 • 53 min • EN
53 min
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In this episode, Troy interviews Damian Andrews, the founder of SHAIR. He’s based in Melbourne, Australia. He does consulting work for big companies focused on improvement and efficiencies that grow revenue and profit, all in all, benefiting the well-being of the business, and that is what SHAIR is all about, improvement and innovation. SHAIR stands for strong, healthy, and inspiring relationships. A living reminder that if we look after others, we’re making a better world. To implement meaningful change, one must start from within. Before intending to increase revenue, profit, or a different aspect of their business, small-medium business owners should begin with their habits. Damian helps them through his programs they run on the continuous improvements module such as Exceptional Effort, Unconscious Rapport, and many more. Inspiring small-medium business owners to change, to take ownership.  When asked about the number one thing he’d recommend for marketing a fast-growing business, Damian answered, “Understand the ratios.” Striking perfect balance in the areas of sales, marketing, operations, and administration. Maximizing efficiency, customer satisfaction, and long-term growth. This Cast Covers:   Profitability and revenue growth go hand in hand. Changing your habits to increase profit, revenue, and employee satisfaction. Motivating individuals to assume responsibility. SHAIR stands for strong, healthy, and inspiring relationships. Instilling moral values in family members. Understanding the ratios in marketing a fast-growing business. Striking a balance between sales and marketing. Saving capital to keep the business afloat during difficult times. The value of listening and asking questions as information-gathering tools. Hiring employees with high moral standards. Links:   Damian’s Linkedin Damian’s Company Website Additional Resources: Podcast The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber     Quotes: “We're linked to habits in what we do.” — Damian Andrews. “Inspiring people to want to change to take ownership.” — Damian Andrews. “Allow people to feel appreciated, and part of that is listening.” — Damian Andrews.  “Your focus is always finding out about the character of the person.” — Damian Andrews. “Just focus on the key things at work.” — Damian Andrews.

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