An Empowered Voice: Raw Reflections of A Female Veteran -Rachel Oswalt's Story

01 Sep 2023 • 95 min • EN
95 min
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In this episode of best podcast 2023, The Female Veterans Podcast, I am joined by fellow podcast host (Your Story Doesn't End Here) and Navy shipmate Rachel Oswalt. She shares her experience of joining the Navy and undergoing bootcamp. She addresses concerns like the lack of challenging curriculum, inadequate leadership, and the impact on mental health. The discussion underscores the repercussions of lowering military standards and emphasizes the significance of supportive leadership and mental health awareness. We share our insights as female veterans of the US Navy. In this episode of The Female Veterans Podcast, we delve into our expectations, disappointments, and the experiences that Rachel had that led to her choosing to end her military career. She gets candid about the assault she experienced and how she was victim shamed. We also discuss her transition out and how she came to create her podcast “Your Story Doesn’t End Here.” Episode Highlights: The changing requirements and standards for entering the military and the challenges of recruiting new generations. Personal encounters with instructors who couldn't provide accurate information, highlighting issues in training and leadership. Discussion about negative experiences during deployments in Bahrain and Japan, shedding light on the need for improved leadership and support systems. Emphasis on prioritizing and effectively teaching leadership principles within the military environment. A veteran's decision to leave the Navy in pursuit of motherhood and a career aligned with personal values. The importance of better leadership, inclusivity, and support for fostering a healthy military environment. The Navy's current challenges in recruiting and adapting to new generations, influencing changes in the bootcamp experience. Potential risks associated with lowering requirements, including compromising national security by admitting individuals who wouldn't have qualified previously. Struggles with limited mental health support and accommodations during difficult times. The persisting issues of poor leadership and mistreatment across different military eras and branches. The far-reaching effects of inadequate leadership training, contributing to toxic environments and mental health struggles among military personnel. Challenges of transitioning into civilian life, including difficulties in finding suitable employment due to inadequate recognition of military training. Key Quotes: 01:22:42 - 01:22:48 • "But you know, the things women deal with in pregnancy that are... taboo and they're not talked about." 01:23:38 - 01:23:45 • "The podcast was very therapeutic in a way, but also it was something for me to do." 01:24:48 - 01:24:52 • "I started the podcast knowing that it's not perfect, but I'm just gonna start." 01:28:14 - 01:28:21 • "The transition out of the military directly impacts the mental health of service members and vets." 01:32:09 - 01:32:14 • "You matter more than anyone else in this entire universe because you are all you'll ever have." Conclusion: Join us in gaining valuable insights into the experiences of these incredible women veterans as they discuss the challenges, transformations, and vital lessons learned during their Navy bootcamp journeys. Call to Action: Don't forget to share this episode with others who might find these stories and insights inspiring and informative. And stay tuned for future episodes from The Female Veterans Podcast. And don't forget to add your email to the list for the upcoming newsletter!

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