Jan Jekielek & Donald Boudreaux

Donald Boudreaux: The Deafening Silence of Economists During COVID-19 and the Abandonment of Logic

09 Dec 2021 • 33 min • EN


“People talk about long COVID. … I worry about long https://www.theepochtimes.com/t-lockdown (lockdown).” At the Brownstone Institute’s inaugural conference, I sat down with Donald Boudreaux, a professor of economics at George Mason University and a senior fellow with the American Institute for Economic Research. In the age of COVID-19, most economists failed to do their jobs, he says, and basic laws of economics and cost-benefit analysis were thrown out of the window. “I really fear that we are in for a hell of a stretch, now that governments know they can basically do anything they want to us if they scare us enough.” Subscribe to the American Thought Leaders https://ept.ms/ATLnewsletter (newsletter) so you never miss an episode. Follow http://epochtv.com/ (EpochTV) on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EpochTVus (https://www.facebook.com/EpochTVus) Twitter: https://twitter.com/EpochTVus (https://twitter.com/EpochTVus) Rumble: https://rumble.com/c/EpochTV (https://rumble.com/c/EpochTV) Gettr: https://gettr.com/user/epochtv (https://gettr.com/user/epochtv) Gab: https://gab.com/EpochTV (https://gab.com/EpochTV) Telegram: https://t.me/EpochTV (https://t.me/EpochTV) Parler: https://parler.com/#/user/EpochTV (https://parler.com/#/user/EpochTV)

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