Ambition Unleashed: Finding Success Without Sacrifice with Tech Executive Coach Toni Collis

06 Jan 2024 • 49 min • EN
49 min
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Ambitious women in executive roles often experience burnout, especially in the tech industry. But is it their ambition itself or the absence of a better structure, mindset, and support? Let’s find out.  Today’s episode of The Unstoppable Woman features Toni Collis, an executive leadership coach for women in tech. She’s a beacon for women navigating the intricacies of having a thriving career while balancing their personal lives.  As we explore the delicate dance between ambition and well-being, Toni sheds light on the myths and realities of professional burnout. It's a conversation about leadership, personal growth, and finding that coveted harmony between work and life. Furthermore, we tackle head-on the social conditioning that tends to stifle women's ambitions, especially in the tech industry, while also touching on embracing our goals without sacrificing our inner peace. Toni's wisdom isn't just about climbing the corporate ladder — it's about doing it in a way that enriches both our professional and personal lives. Ready to transform your view of ambition and leadership? Tune in!  Key Takeaways: Introduction (00:00) Toni’s Perspective on Ambition and Burnout (02:27) Prioritizing Deep Work Versus Working Long Hours (08:30) Business Growth, Personal Development, & Women in Tech (16:06) Having Ambition Regardless of the Fear of Failure (23:03) Challenges That Women in the Tech Sector Face (32:31) Gender Dynamics in the Tech Industry (36:52) Final Thoughts & How To Reach Toni (47:50) Additional Resources: Follow Toni Collis: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook: Podcast Links: Follow Amira Alvarez: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: If you enjoyed this episode, please follow, rate, and leave a review on your favorite podcast platform! — The Unstoppable Woman Podcast explores what it takes for women to scale their businesses and their lives, so you can get out of your own way, increase cash flow, and create freedom!

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