Manny Vargas & Jay Samit , Always on the GROW with Manny Vargas

Future Proofing You – Disruptive and Innovative Life & Business Strategies with Jay Samit

11 Mar 2021 • 63 min • EN
63 min
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Jay Samit in his early 20s had just got out of college. There were no jobs and he had to take care of his two sons born at that young age.   He started his first business and was running on credit cards. A guy came to re-posses his car, and Jay's response was, 'Dude! Do I look like a flight risk? Have some compassion.’   Having learned to think skillfully, Jay went on to become a dynamic entrepreneur widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on disruption and innovation. He raised hundreds of millions of dollars for startups, advises Fortune 500 firms, transformed entire industries, revamped government institutions, and for three decades continues to be at the forefront of global trends.   Jay is now working not to make money, but He is on a mission to help and serve people. He is helping entrepreneurs create jobs.   About Jay Samit   Jay is a leading Hollywood digital media technology titan. Jay built the first million-member social network for Universal, and has led the creation of over 300 consumer software titles while developing technology for Microsoft, Apple, Intel and IBM. Jay led the White House’s initiative for Education and Technology, and has created global charitable projects aired on NBC and MTV.   He has proved to be a forecaster in financial analysis, project management, and strategic planning and helped global companies like: McDonald's, Coca Cola, Liberty Global, BBC, United Airlines, Microsoft, Ford, GM, and Best Buy just to name a few.   Guest Links:   Insights from the Episode   The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose   With a growth mindset, you realize that obstacles are just opportunities in disguise and you move from there   You only need two things to be successful in life: insight and perseverance   There are opportunities-- the nuggets that are out there, that no one's bothering to pick up   If you can take perseverance and transform it into passion, that passion will cover you through the rough spots, it'll move you forward   Don't fly solo, you will need a series of mentors, no one got there on their own   There is no such thing as a self-made man or woman   You have to discover what your superpower is: we all have something that makes us unique and if we can lean into that, we'll get further in business   Most of the successful people that you know, their first businesses were failures   When you fail, you don't end up where you start. You either earn or you learn but either way you're further along the path   Entrepreneurs don't sell things, they solve problems   Disruption isn't about what happens to you, it's about how you respond   If you're broke it's not your fault, but if you stay broke it's your fault   When you don't have money, you learn how to do things without money   You got to stress yourself beyond belief   Whenever you're thinking of giving up and you think like the dream is too far away, you pause and look over your shoulder how far you've climbed and you amaze yourself   The harder you work the luckier you'll get   I like to go where there's no competition; it's the same amount of work and you got nobody working against you; and when it gets crowded there's always something new, the world is constantly changing   In business, the first person you will educate is not the customer, it's your competition   Go and start a business with who's going to acquire it in mind   Even if you just have a job, even if you're just doing gig work; there's a better way to structure it than you pay me this and I'll do that   Today's customers want to buy from companies that share their values   The competition is spending hundreds of millions of dollars; you got to find every which way you can to get noticed   It's amazing that, you can come up with that half idea and watch people take it further than your imagination and refine it and make it grow into something   The fun is to do something nobody's done before, anybody else would have done it better, but you will be lucky enough to do it first

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