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06 Jul 2021 • 48 min • EN
48 min
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Using our breath to move from fight or flight mode towards a more grounded and centred place of being.   Jess Harrod is Kate's guest today, a breathwork specialist and coach helping people transform their mental health through the power of breath. Jess was introduced  to breathwork at the beginning of the pandemic and the day after Jess' first breathwork session, she booked her teaching course, knowing that this was something special. Kate tells us how she attended one of Jess' breathwork sessions herself and found a quieter mind and the ability to disengage from her busy thoughts. In this episode, hear Jess explain both the spiritual and scientific side of breathwork, from the cycles of the nervous system to the transcendent nature of deep breathwork. Here's what Kate and Jess discuss during the episode: 🗣 Using our breath to calm the brain and disengage the ongoing chatter 🗣 Breathwork and it's power to help reduce anxiety and encourage more relaxation in our minds and bodies 🗣 Oxygen Advantage book 🗣 How our nervous system needs different movement and breathing cycles, not just sitting for hours on end 🗣 How breathwork needs fine-tuning to ensure we are using our breath to our full advantage  🗣 Awareness of the connection between our inhale/exhale breath and the nervous system  🗣 How mouth breathing activates our fight or flight mode 🗣 Incremental small moments of breathwork can be so beneficial  🗣 How important breathwork is for kids and why it should be part of the school curriculum  🗣 Ways to integrate simple breathwork with our everyday jobs 🗣 A variety of simple breathing techniques that can be adopted 🗣 Breathing is helping to merging science and spirituality 🗣 Using breathwork to increase our intuition, creativity, productivity, concentration, authenticity and inner voice 🗣 Harnessing breathwork around the lunar cycles and our menstruation patterns.   To buy tickets to Kate's 'How to Help Our Kids with Anxiety' workshop on the 20th July, click here: If you'd like to work with Jess, join one of her courses or follow her on social, follow the links below. Website Instagram Kate Moryoussef is a Wellbeing/EFT coach and mum to four children, also newly diagnosed with ADHD (an explanation and NOT a label she's keen to point out!) who is passionate about helping women rediscover their inner voice, tap into their expansive potential, fulfil their desires and realise themselves outside of the overwhelm, inner pressure and family dynamic.     If you’d like to contact Kate either about the podcast or her EFT coaching work, you...

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