A Voice for Liberty: From MEP to Freedom Fighter ft. Godfrey Bloom [SFP071]

29 Mar 2024 • 78 min • EN
78 min
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Godfrey Bloom is a libertarian author with six books published on both military history & Austrian School Economics. He earned international recognition in fund management in London before becoming an MEP for Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, where he campaigned heavily for Brexit for 25 years. His famous speeches in the EU Parliamentary Monetary & Economic Affairs Committee on banking and tax malpractices have garnered a record 60 million views online, and he continues to advocate for truth and freedom on YouTube, Odysee and Rumble. Together we delve into the essence of libertarian principles, common sense economic policies, and the vital importance of political freedoms that are increasingly under scrutiny. Featuring audio clips from some of Godfrey's most influential speeches, this episode not only highlights his impactful statements but also encourages a reflective journey on how the landscape has evolved and continues to do so in light of recent global events. We discuss these paramount topics reflecting on the past, analyzing the present, and looking forward to the future of libertarianism and freedom. Guest Twitter: @goddersbloom Website: godfreybloom.uk Facebook: facebook.com/godfreybloomofficial Odysee: https://odysee.com/@GodfreyBloom:6 Rumble: https://rumble.com/c/GodfreyBloomOfficial Affiliate Links Surfshark: VPN / Antivirus / Incogni Fountain: https://fountain.fm/jonnyhodl?code=3a917f606b Podcast Website: http://www.stayingfreepod.com/ Links to all platforms: https://linktr.ee/stayingfreepod Host Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnyhodl Podcast Twitter: https://twitter.com/stayingfreepod Donate to the Podcast: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/stayingfreepod Donate with Bitcoin: https://tippin.me/@jonnyhodl / bc1qvgktg2uurp69cf5xepjhunwhp6skxrf69hmq82 Donate with Lightning: https://tipybit.com/stayingfreepod / ⚡️jonnyhodl@getalby.com Huge thank you to my generous supporters Pim Jayne C Mark A Parallel Mike

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