A dive into suburban thrillers with author Liz Alterman

30 Jul 2023 • 46 min • EN
46 min
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Send us a Text Message. 📹 Watch the interview on YouTube. Ever wondered how to seamlessly blend humor into a dark, suspense-filled narrative? Liz Alterman, the author of the riveting suburban thriller, The Perfect Neighborhood, joins us to shed light on this unique storytelling approach. We unravel the layers of her book, delving into her choice of an affluent suburban setting and the inspiration behind her novel"s complex characters. Navigating the saturated book market can be daunting, but Liz Alterman has some insights to share. She delves into the process of selling a novel, handling reader feedback, and the thrill of having her book featured in a local book club. Whether you"re an established author or an aspiring one, Liz"s journey of securing a publishing deal without an agent and exploring self-publishing is both inspiring and enlightening. To cap it off, Liz opens her writer"s toolbox for us, revealing her writing routine and the delicate balance she maintains between marketing her work and creating new stories. We discuss practical writing tips, from finding time for personal projects to overcoming creative roadblocks, and delve into the importance of devoting time to marketing. Tune in to this fascinating episode to get a peek into the world of Liz Alterman and her intriguing suburban thriller. You can get Liz Alterman"s novel here.  Support the Show. **************************************************************************** ➡️ If you enjoyed this episode, you might want to check out my newsletter, The Writing Goldmine, for more tips and info on the storytelling craft and monetizing your writing skills. ➡️ Is there a book in you and you don"t know how to get started, or maybe you need some guidance on how to navigate the publishing industry? I can help you. Take a look. 📕 If the sound of a speculative murder mystery set between Jordan and the US strikes your fancy, then you might want to check out my novel They Called Me Wyatt.

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