522 | January 2024 Live Q&A - with ADHD reWired

13 Feb 2024 • 56 min • EN
56 min
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Join the ADHD reWired Team every second Tuesday of the month for our monthly Live Q&A!  If you want to join us live on Zoom, go to adhdrewired.com/events to register!  You can also find bonus questions & answers from past recordings and get an uninterrupted listening experience of this show on Patreon when you become a Patron at $5.00 a month or more!  Check it all out at adhdrewired.com/Patreon!   In this Q&A, you’ll hear tips and discussions about: ADHD and long COVID mimicking ADHD symptoms Being a business owner with ADHD and hiring / training processes  How involved one should be in helping a partner with their medication regimen  Codependency vs. interdependency Observing, support, relationships, and not falling into codependency roles Being an accountability partner for a significant other  Chronic pain and negative feedback cycles Negative feedback spirals vs. negative feedback loops Mindfulness in the body and mind and mindfulness-based stress reduction The importance of being transparent about chronic pain with loved ones  Feeling safe, expressing needs, and accommodations around chronic pain  Can ADHD exacerbate pain?  Pain as part of our sensory system, ADHD, and different thresholds Different types of paper planners and accounting for transition time  SHART: Sh*t Happens; Adjustment Recovery Time Point of performances  Placeholders and flexibility when planning Tips for task-switching instead of avoiding moving from one task to another Practicing taking breaks at least once an hour Sleep, exercise, general self-care, and task-shifting abilities  Identifying obstacles then creating and/or accommodating around those obstacles “What are you fearing if you stop now and [transition] to the next thing?” and pattern interruptions The importance of having a growth mindset and seeing setbacks as opportunities\ Resources & Honorable Mentions  Check out the newest podcast on the ADHD reWired Podcast Network: The ADHD Creatives Podcast with Kristin Marts, LCSW!  At theadhdcreativespodcast.com 🎉 ADHD reWired Episode 516: ADHD reWired’s Coaches Round Table with Kristin Marts and Brian Entler Article: Potential New Treatment for “Brain Fog” in Long COVID Patients Article: Successful Treatment of Post-COVID-19 ADHD-like Syndrome: A Case Report (PMC) Webinar: The Science of Power and Hope from ADDitude Website: Jon Kabat-Zinn Meditations at jkzmeditations.com   App: Jon Kabat-Zinn Meditations at jkzmeditations.com/the-app/ TV Show:  Community Tool: Erasable Frixion Pens 🌟 Interested in group coaching and want to take your ADHD management to the next level? Go to coachingrewired.com to get all the up-to-date information on how to join our award-winning online coaching and accountability groups!  🌟 Interested in 1-on-1 coaching?  Learn more and get in touch with Dana Crews at www.adhdrewired.com/coach-dana-crews  🌟 Check out the newest podcast on the ADHD reWired Podcast Network :: The ADHD Creatives Podcast with Kristin Marts, LCSW @ theadhdcreativespodcast.com 🎙️ 🎧  

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