508. Healing Conversations with Justin Michael Williams, Day 5: Collective Shadow

27 Oct 2023 • 48 min • EN
48 min
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Welcome to Day 5 of Healing Conversations with Justin Michael Williams. In this course, Justin helps you do the inner work necessary to ensure your efforts in the world help heal rather than divide. This means having important conversations with yourself and others in order to confidently call people forward versus blaming and shaming. Day 5 – Collective Shadow: We have the opportunity to do what no other generation before us has been able to do before, and that is hold space for healing conversations that cross divides. We are releasing Days 1 through 5 of Justin’s Commune program here on the podcast. If you want to watch the full video version – which includes 10 days of core lessons, exercises, and insight sessions, a downloadable workbook, plus bonus videos – go to onecommune.com/trial and sign up for a free trial of Commune Membership, including the full-length version of Healing Conversations. Downloadable Workbook Pages This podcast is supported by: LivOn Labs This week’s podcast is made possible by LivOn Labs. Discover why Jeff Krasno, Schuyler Grant, and people who know wellness are ditching pills, powders, and gummies for this powerful, nutrient-packed goo. GET FREE SAMPLES WITH ANY PURCHASE livonlabs.com/commune Timeline Nutrition Timeline Nutrition is pioneering a new approach to longevity, one that stands on a decade of scientific discovery to unlock the power within your cells. Your body is an energy generating machine, Timeline makes it more powerful. Use code commune to get 10% off at timelinenutrition.com/commune. Thrive Market This podcast is supported by Thrive Market - Join Thrive Market today and get a FREE $80 in free groceries when you go to thrivemarket.com/commune Stripes Meet Stripes. Smart-targeted symptom solutions powered by the exclusive combination of Ectoine and Squalane. This ultra-hydrating duo improves hydration, increases cell turnover and protects our delicate skin barrier. Go to head over to iamstripes.com and enter promo code COMMUNE20 at checkout to get a fabulous 20% off your entire order. Vivobarefoot Vivobarefoot is giving feet the freedom to move as Mother Nature intended. The best piece of technology ever to be put into a shoe is the human foot. Get 15% off your first Vivobarefoot order at Vivobarefoot.com. Use the code VIVOCOMMUNE15 at check out. Reclaim your natural potential. The journey starts with your feet. www.vivobarefoot.com

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