44. The Charity Laundromat: the Façade of Elite Philanthropy

03 Jan 2024 • 52 min • EN
52 min
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Join us to explore how the ultra-wealthy exploit philanthropy, particularly through "Donor-Advised Funds" that allow them to store billions in donations with significant tax benefits. This practice skews public priorities to favor personal ideologies over collective needs and intertwines conflicts of interest, where the rich further their wealth and power under the guise of charity. We'll delve into examples like Elon Musk, revealing how such figures use philanthropy for personal gain rather than for economic justice.   Further Exploration and Notes: Why is there so much secrecy in philanthropy? VOX, Whizy Kim What is a Donor Advised Fund (DAF)? National Philanthropic Foundation Five benefits you could receive from a DAF - Medical Economics- Julianne F. Andrews Bill Gates Promised to Give Away His Wealth. Well, That Was BS - BY GEOFFREY JAMES, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR, INC.COM      

From "The With Jay Burke Show"

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