334 - How I Manage My Time as a CEO, Wife, and Mom

18 Jan 2024 • 39 min • EN
39 min
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Let’s get cozy and have our first solo episode of 2024! The topic of today’s episode has evolved a bit as I have thought about what I’d like to share about. But the new year always brings the energy of a fresh start and new perspective, so let’s chat about time management. Or rather, how you manage yourself during the time you have. I am a mom of two little boys under the age of 4. I am a business owner, a wife, and a woman who cares about her own self-care and well-being. All of this to say, fitting it all in can sometimes feel like an impossible feat. But you can do it. Listen to this episode to find out how I’ve learned to manage myself in this season of my life and how you, too, can find the things that work for you. Be sure to also register for Elevate 2024! Elevate is a 2 Day FREE Live Workshop for Female Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs ready to drop anything holding them back from their biggest dreams, and level up their 2024. Register here: http://www.elysearcher.com/elevate2024    Show Notes: [3:11] - You can’t manage time. You can only manage yourself. [5:01] - Everything is playing out for you. [7:52] - The things you do in your day and how much you do is not as important as how you feel while doing them. [9:22] - Your feeling state determines how effective your actions are. [10:27] - When you feel like you’re not doing enough, pause and recalibrate. [12:59] - You can get a lot done in one minute. [15:39] - When we’re in the energy of eagerness, not only do we get results from the actions we take, but we also attract other things. [17:12] - Elyse describes her upcoming childcare schedule and how this will impact her work. [20:29] - Give yourself permission to make your own rules. [23:24] - If you are craving self-care time, you need to make it happen. [24:57] - What used to work for you might not work anymore. It evolves. [27:28] - Remove things off your calendar that don’t move the needle forward. [30:33] - Be flexible with your hours. [33:13] - Do less. Do the things that move the needle forward and then be present. [36:58] - Ask yourself a series of questions when you are feeling like you haven’t done enough.   Links and Resources: Instagram  |  LinkedIn  |  YouTube She Sells with Elyse Archer Home Page Abundance Mini Course Join the $10K Club Apply for the $50K Club Mastermind Elevate 2024  

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