333 - The Non-Negotiable You with Angie Wisdom

10 Jan 2024 • 42 min • EN
42 min
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It’s the new year and it is one of those times when we really start to reexamine ourselves, reexamine our values, set goals, look at what we want to create and who we want to be. I think I’m probably not alone in saying that I spent a good chunk of my life looking externally for validation, feedback of what success looked like, who I should be, how I should show up, and it wasn’t until I made the decision to start experiencing the fullness of who I was that life started to really unfold in a big way. Our guest today is an absolute expert in helping you connect with that truth of who you are and then using that to help you build a life and a business that you absolutely love and feel at home in. Angie Wisdom is a Master Certified Coach with the ICF and 25+ years of business experience. She helps burned-out business owners stop running in place and start elevating their companies by putting themselves first and carving out the time to master their own leadership skills. As the professional coach behind the scenes for many of the most successful people you know, she is a mentor and confidante that navigates her clients from that place of searching for success to achieving more than they ever thought possible. Only 4% of the coaches in the country have an MCC designation and Angie uses this distinction along with her experience and knowledge to guide her clients professionally and personally.   Show Notes: [3:39] - Angie shares her background in finance and what the transition into thought leadership looked like for her. [4:53] - What she thought money and success looked like was not true and learning she had been misled motivated her for a change. [6:25] - What does it mean to “choose your seat”? [9:11] - Think about what you want your business to look like and write down the things that are holding you back from that. [11:19] - The number one limiting belief in this new vision is the need to continue doing things the way they’ve done things before. Separate the facts from your story. [15:14] - Society as a whole seems to be moving from all grit performance to performance through inner work and values. [17:07] - Angie explains how she views values and what is truly important to her. [20:17] - Figure out your values and then determine what it looks like. [21:16] - Define your values in your own way. Time freedom might mean something different to you than to someone else. [22:29] - What we are really looking for is a feeling. [24:04] - Whatever you are looking for, there is something underneath it all. [26:22] - Money comes from having a strong purpose behind it. [28:06] - It takes courage. But Angie believes that people just don’t know how capable they are. [30:26] - If we are unwilling to see what’s holding you back, there’s no way to address it. [34:58] - Look inside and trust yourself. [37:07] - Think about the things you say about the person you trust the most. Do you think those same things about yourself?   Connect with Angie Wisdom: Angie Wisdom’s Website Sharing Wisdom Podcast   Links and Resources: Instagram  |  LinkedIn  |  YouTube She Sells with Elyse Archer Home Page Abundance Mini Course Join the $10K Club Apply for the $50K Club Mastermind  

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