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#311 Neurohacking Longevity w/ James Schmachtenberger

12 Jul 2023 • 78 min • EN
78 min
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James Schmachtenberger, CEO and Co-founder of Neurohacker Collective Like many of us, James has noticed that the world is in trouble. Our challenges are big and getting bigger – and we are going to need a lot of help if we want to be able to face up to those challenges. Unlike most of us, however, he didn’t shy away from the magnitude of the challenge. Instead, he started the Neurohacker Collective. The idea is simple: build a global movement that is capable of a comprehensive upgrade of human capacity in the next five years. In this convo, we get into the weeds on Neurohacker’s latest work in the realm of longevity. They have worked up a number of things, most notably is their Qualia Senolytic, a two-day/month cellular cleans.    ORGANIFI GIVEAWAY Keep those reviews coming in! Please drop a dope review and include your IG/Twitter handle and we’ll get together for some Organifi even faster moving forward.   Connect with James: Website:  Instagram: @neurohacker    Sponsors: Organifi Go to to get my favorite way to easily get the most potent blend of high vibration fruits, veggies and other goodies into your diet. Click that link and use code “KKP” at checkout for 20% off your order! Lucy Go to and use codeword “KKP” at Checkout to get 20% off the best nicotine gum in the game, or check out their lozenge. Bioptimizers To get the ’Magnesium Breakthrough‘ deal exclusively for fans of the podcast, click the link below and use code word “KINGSBU10” for an additional 10% off.  PaleoValley Some of the best and highest quality goodies I personally get into are available at, punch in code “KYLE” at checkout and get 15% off everything! To Work With Kyle Kingsbury Podcast   Connect with Kyle: Fit For Service Academy App: Fit For Service App  Instagram: @livingwiththekingsburys -  Odysee:  Youtube: Kyle Kingbury Podcast  Kyles website: - Gardeners of Eden site    Like and subscribe to the podcast anywhere you can find podcasts. Leave a 5-star review and let me know what resonates or doesn’t.

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