3 important elements for appearing as a guest on the podcast show

30 Aug 2023 • EN
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Episode Transcript:  I'd be glad to share some tips and a template for those who are looking to appear as guests on podcasts, especially if they have a book, consultancy, or something valuable to offer. 1. Create a Compelling Media Kit: When reaching out to podcast hosts, make it easy for them to see your value. Craft a media kit that highlights who you are, your expertise, and what you can bring to their audience. Include your credentials, notable achievements, and prior podcast appearances. This way, hosts can quickly assess your suitability and the value you can offer. 2. Utilize Podcast Matchmaking Tools: To streamline your efforts, consider using podcast matchmaking platforms like Pod Match. These platforms connect hosts and guests based on compatibility and mutual interests. I've personally found Pod Match to be effective—it's like a dating app for podcasters. It helps you connect with hosts who are actively seeking guests with your expertise. 3. Offer Value and Network After Each Episode: When you're a guest on a podcast, your interaction doesn't have to end with the recording. After the show, ask the host if they're seeking other guests who align with your experience. This shows your willingness to help and can lead to recommendations for other podcast appearances. Additionally, inquire if the host knows other podcasters who might be interested in your insights. This fosters a reciprocal networking environment that benefits everyone involved. --------------------------------------------Disclaimer: Hey guys Jeffrey here with another episode. So you might have noticed a strange voice which is not but an AI voice. Before you go and unsubscribe me hear me out. I have been sick for the past 2 weeks and the promise of posting episodes every day - I just couldn't follow up. No matter how much good content I have because of my health I can't do it. So I have written the episode script myself and I have posted it. Hope you enjoy the episode. --------------------------------------- Audio - Elevan Labs

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