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287 How to Listen: Discovering the Hidden Key to Better Communication with Oscar Trimboli | Partnering Leadership Global Thought Leader

24 Oct 2023 • 52 min • EN
52 min
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Get ready for a fascinating discussion on the overlooked leadership skill of listening, featuring Oscar Trimboli, author of the book How to Listen: Discover the Hidden Key to Better Communication. Oscar Trimboli draws on decades of research and over 24,000 workplace interviews to provide science-backed insights on how leaders can become exceptional listeners. You"ll discover why most of us are only hearing 14% of what people actually say and how to tap into the other 86%. Learn simple but powerful techniques to tune into conversations, avoid assumptions, and strengthen relationships through mindful listening. Whether leading teams or tackling complex challenges, this episode provides leaders the tools to listen their way to better outcomes.   Actionable Takeaways: - Hear Oscar"s origin story and how a jaw condition as a teenager shaped his listening superpower. - Learn why listening starts with focusing on yourself first, not the speaker.  - Discover Oscar"s "listening battery" technique and how to recharge before conversations. - Get simple meeting tweaks to arrive fully present and boost listening. - Find out the three magic numbers behind listening dilemmas at work. - Learn to recognize your listening orientation and when to shift approaches.   - Hear how self-assessment biases hinder our listening abilities. - Discover questions to uncover what hasn"t been said. - Get Oscar"s top recommended practice for better listening right away. Recommended Resources  How to Listen: Discover the Hidden Key to Better Communication  The Listening Quiz   How to Use Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas with the Author of A More Beautiful Question & The Book of Beautiful Questions with Warren Berger  Connect with Oscar Trimboli Oscar Trimboli Website  Oscar Trimboli LinkedIn  Connect with Mahan Tavakoli: Mahan Tavakoli Website Mahan Tavakoli on LinkedIn Partnering Leadership Website

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