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240: Breaking Chains and Nurturing Creativity: A Writer's Journey with Steve Schlam

31 Jan 2024 • 50 min • EN
50 min
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Guest: Steve Schlam Episode Name: Breaking Chains and Nurturing Creativity: A Writer's Journey with Steve Schlam Episode Number: 240 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About the guest Steve Schlam first gained entry to the City of Words through the doors of the public library in Brooklyn, New York, where he was born and spent a good part of his childhood; and has maintained his residency ever since while living in cities and towns across the United States and in Mexico. An actor as well as an author, he has performed on stages in all the places he has called home, and earned a Master's Degree in Creative Writing and English under the tutelage of Joseph Heller, renowned author of "Catch-22." He lives currently in Southern California in a pretty little Craftsman bungalow with orange and lemon trees growing in the backyard, in the company of his wife, Liora. His first published novel, "The Harvesting of Haystacks Kane", is scheduled for release in March, 2024. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In this insightful episode featuring author Steve Schlam, he shares his journey through writer's block, describing it as both an enemy and a healer. The conversation with Massiel explores the emotional nuances, touching on guilt, anguish, and the gradual process of overcoming creative obstacles. Steve reflects on the existential themes in his novel, "The Harvesting of Haystacks Cain," emphasizing the writer's desire to leave a lasting mark. The discussion delves into the challenges of releasing creative work into a crowded literary landscape and the importance of feedback. Listeners can look forward to the pre-launch period starting in mid-January, leading up to the official book launch in March.  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Additional Resources Website - Freebie link - Massiel Email - Massiel's Coach.Me site - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook  - ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Are you feeling overwhelmed by your never-ending to-do list? Check out Paula, the Ultimate VA! Discover the ultimate solution for regaining control with Paula, your dedicated virtual assistant. She'll help you manage your calendar, handle email, conduct research, social media management, and even mix and stitch together your podcast episodes. Don't let your to-do list overwhelm you any longer. Get started today! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Follow Steve Steve Schlam's website - _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Like, share, or leave a review on Apple Podcasts and subscribe to our YouTube channel (Blackhearted Studios)     

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