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199: From Silence to Triumph: Keeper Catran-Whitney's Journey of Healing and Empowerment

02 Oct 2023 • 78 min • EN
78 min
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Guest name: Keeper Catran-Whitney Episode Name: From Silence to Triumph: Keeper Catran-Whitney's Journey of Healing and Empowerment Episode Number: 199 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In this powerful podcast episode, we delve into Keeper Catran-Whitney's transformative journey from a life of unspeakable trauma to becoming a beacon of hope and empowerment for survivors of child sexual abuse. Split into two parts, Keeper Catran-Whitney shares his harrowing experiences, profound insights, and the healing process that led him to become an advocate for change. A Survivor's Revelation (00:00:00 - 00:19:45) Keeper Catran-Whitney opens up about his initial encounter with his abusive stepfather, a man who shattered his childhood innocence. His gripping storytelling unveils the dark secrets he carried for 40 years and how his protective silence allowed the cycle of abuse to continue within his family. His journey toward healing begins with the decision to confront his past and rewrite his narrative. Breaking the Silence (00:20:00 - 00:58:06) Keeper Catran-Whitney takes us through the emotional turmoil of uncovering the truth about the abuse suffered by his sisters and himself. He discusses the profound impact of his writing process, highlighting the cathartic moment when his sister's unexpected phone call became a lifeline that helped him regain control of his life. He emphasizes the importance of breaking the silence surrounding child sexual abuse and encourages survivors to embrace their voices and stories to break the generational cycle of trauma. This podcast episode serves as an inspiring testament to the strength of survivors and their ability to transform pain into empowerment. It's a call to action, urging society to acknowledge the pervasive issue of child sexual abuse and join the conversation for change. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About the guest As the lone voice speaking on the trauma brothers experience after learning their sisters have been sexually abused, Keeper is a highly sought-after speaker and advocate for brothers in the child sexual abuse/survivors space. "Brother's trauma can no longer be treated as a taboo or an inconvenient truth. We cannot be shunted to the side as if our trauma does not matter. Our voices must be part of the conversation because, without our voices, our families never fully heal. Our mental and emotional pain, guilt, and shame must be treated. Otherwise, we never heal. We will forever carry our trauma in silence." – Keeper Catran-Whitney ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Additional Resources: Publishing a Memoir  1:1 Book Coaching  Publishing a Romance  Book 30 minutes and get your book strategy instantly! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Follow us: Keeper Catran-Whitney's Facebook: Keeper Catran-Whitney's website: Website -  Instagram - LinkedIn - Massiel Valenzuela - Castaneda Facebook  -      

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