186 / Becoming Resilient with Erika Rothenberger

31 Jan 2024 • 31 min • EN
31 min
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On this episode we discuss what I believe to be the common denominator of success. The thing that all the people who make it big have in common. What do you think that is? Hard work? Talent? Passion or great connections? I believe it’s this: They are RESILIENT. Which, for most of us, is a skill we get to build. Here to help us do just that is Erika Rothenberger. She uses her degree in Civil Engineering and Masters in Business Administration in her full-time career as Director of Performance Systems for the large national utility contractor, Henkels & McCoy. She runs two female empowerment networking groups in her community, is the host of the “Grit,Grace & Glitz” podcast, and is a captivating keynote speaker. So she’s busy, but I need you to hear me – she’s resilient.  As she shares, resilience is less about sucking it up or muscling your way through it, and more about adapting, learning, growing and recovering well. It’s about bending, but not breaking. Like what you heard? Please rate and review  Connect with Erika Rothenberger: Website: https://www.erikarothenberger.com/ Erika’s speaker reel:  https://vimeo.com/900147226. Grit, Grace & Glitz podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/grit-grace-glitz-with-erika-rothenberger/id1563962436  Thanks to our This Is Woman’s Work Sponsors: For CAKES grippy, not sticky, nipple covers visit cakesbody.com and use Promo Code: TIWW to get your 10% discount!

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