#174 - The Ironman Executive Steven Pivnik's Life

03 Apr 2024 • 63 min • EN
63 min
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Ever found yourself at the crossroads between comfort and the call of the wild unknown? That"s where guest Steven Pivnik stands, a man who transformed the very fabric of his life from the disciplined focus of a successful entrepreneur to the heart-pounding exhilaration of an endurance athlete. This episode is your chance to absorb the raw, riveting tales of Steven"s life, a journey marked by the steadfast values of an immigrant family, and how they fueled his rise from an employee to a titan of industry. Strap in for a deep exploration of the trials and triumphs that come with scaling a business, the nuances of partnership akin to marriage, and the wisdom gained from strategic delegation and mentorship. Steven"s narrative isn"t just about professional milestones—it"s an intimate look at integrating the rigor of Ironman challenges and the Zen of long-distance marathons into a lifestyle that reshapes priorities, enriches relationships, and carves out a legacy of perseverance. Finally, we"re climbing to breathtaking heights with Steven"s larger-than-life adventures in extreme sports and mountaineering, where each peak conquered is more than just a physical triumph—it"s a testament to the power of visualization and daring to dream big. From the shores of open-water ultra-triathlons to the daunting aspirations of climbing Mount Everest, this episode promises to leave you inspired, pondering what mountains you"ll conquer in your own life, spurred on by the relentless pursuit of growth, learning, and the sweet adrenaline rush of achieving the impossible. How to Reach Steven: Website: https://stevenpivnik.com/ Link for Steven"s Book Built to Finish: https://a.co/d/5QOYcaM  To Reach Jordan: Email: Jordan@Edwards.Consulting Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9ejFXH1_BjdnxG4J8u93Zw Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jordan.edwards.7503 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jordanfedwards/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordanedwards5/ Hope you find value in this. If so please provide a 5-star and drop a review. Complimentary Edwards Consulting Session: https://calendly.com/jordan-555/intro-call

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