115: Speak Silent Resignation, Quiet Quit, Labor Crisis in PostCapitalism. Eurydice Eve w Ru Freeman

29 Sep 2022 • 53 min • EN
53 min
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Eurydice Eve speaks with the author and activist Ru Freeman about the Future of Labor, the Choice of Job, the Purpose and Meaning of Work, the Silent Resignation, the Quitting Generation. How will people make a living? What Happens to Labor under climate change? What happens to all the people who live by the land when the land is no longer usable or factories are run by machines and robots? How are people going to live? We must revisit the structure of our economy: what we put money into and what we get money for. The way we treat women is directly tied with the way we view labor and what’s wrong with the world. Our politics affects ordinary people. Incremental changes can lead to huge social changes that are destructive, or not. Every single one of us has the ability to change the system by refusing to participate and refusing to compete. We let Globalization happen. Begun by Reagan and continued by Clinton, it started with the gutting of labor unions; it brought down the cost of goods by sending labor out of countries that had labor unions. Now most people make less money and the super rich make more and the rest try to become super rich. In the 50s 65% of Americans 2 out of 3 belonged to a union. Now its under 20%. We go into recession once a decade because we no longer have a means of production in the US. We only have the 1%, the people who own the capital, the top of the pyramid. They own corporate real estate, industry, banking, and pay no taxes, because they don’t sell anything anymore, they have no income, they live off loans and acquire and acquire and invest. They spend and hoard. By not paying taxes they don’t contribute to society. The richest people don’t produce anything. In post capitalism, money begets money. ⚡️Ru Freeman is the Sri Lankan born author of the novels A Disobedient Girl, On Sal Mal Lane, Sleeping Alone, and the director of the Artists Network at Narrative 4. For more on Ru, go to https://rufreeman.com⚡️ For merch, art, go to https://Eurydice.net and https://SpeakwithEve.com ⚡️For Apple podcast go to https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/speak-sex-w-eve/id1448261953?uo=4 ⚡️For videos, go to https://YouTube.com/SpeakSexwithEveEurydice 💫 For in-depth, go to https://eurydice.substack.com/ ⚡️ --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/speaksex/message Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/speaksex/support

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