#085 Dr. Peter Attia on Mastering Longevity – Insights on Cancer Prevention, Heart Disease, and Aging

27 Dec 2023 • 239 min • EN
239 min
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Download the 9-Page "Cognitive Enhancement Blueprint" Discover my premium podcast The Aliquot Show notes are available by clicking here Peter Attia, MD is a highly respected expert in preventive medicine, focused on the crucial subject of longevity and cardiovascular health. He's also the author of the NY Times best selling book Outlive - which I highly recommend if you have not read it already. Peter's philosophy transcends the conventional goal of merely extending lifespan; it's about enriching the quality of every year, ensuring that each stage of life is lived with optimal health and vitality. In this episode, we discuss: (00:07:36) Defining cardiovascular disease (00:09:43) Coronary plaque and fatality risk (00:11:09) What is cholesterol? (00:13:34) How ApoB predicts heart disease (00:21:34) Factors elevating ApoB (00:25:24) ApoB reference range explained (00:27:23) Does high ApoB cause cardiovascular disease (00:37:01) ApoB thresholds for ASCVD prevention (00:40:27) Dietary factors raising ApoB (00:39:33) Genetics of ApoB and LDL (00:53:24) Does low LDL increase cancer? (00:56:19) Cholesterol-lowering drugs (00:59:59) Statins, uses, and side effects (01:03:12) Are statins toxic to mitochondria? (01:09:56) Ubiquinol for statin-induced muscle soreness (01:11:09) How to train in zone 2 (01:17:09) Statins and neurodegenerative disease risk (01:21:54) Cholesterol synthesis in the brain (desmosterol role) (01:25:58) Statin alternatives – pros and cons (01:27:30) Ezetimibe (01:31:01) Bempedoic acid (01:36:49) Berberine for CVD Risk Reduction? (01:39:36) Muscle as a glucose sink (01:45:58) Chronic glucose toxicity and vascular impact (01:51:38) Hemoglobin A1C Levels and Mortality Data (01:55:35) 80/20 Zone 2/VO2 Max Training Protocol (02:02:12) Insights from VO2 max testing data (02:12:17) How obesity increases cancer risk (02:15:03) Cancer screening benefits and risks (02:20:47) Dr. Attia's recommended cancer screening age (02:28:54) Liquid biopsies for detecting cancer (02:34:48) CT scans, mammograms and radiation concerns (02:40:32) Menopause – hormonal shifts and health effects (02:45:13) Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) (02:58:57) Perimenopause diagnosis with hormone levels (03:02:04) HRT's impact on dementia, cancer, and heart disease risk (03:04:49) Estrogen's role in bone density (03:07:42) Vitamin D (03:16:24) Testosterone replacement for women's sexual function (03:18:47) HRT safety 10 years post-menopause (03:23:05) Treating low testosterone in men (03:29:53) TRT side effects and risks (03:32:33) Ways to reduce blood pressure (03:39:33) How to measure blood pressure (03:45:30) Peter's longevity optimization routines Become a FoundMyFitness premium member to get access to exclusive episodes, emails, live Q+A’s with Rhonda and more: https://www.foundmyfitness.com/premium

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