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Howard Burton & Elizabeth Loftus 28 Sep 2021 • EN

Elizabeth Loftus, “The Malleability of Memory” (Open Agenda, 2021)

The Malleability of Memory is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Elizabeth Loftus, a world-renowned expert on human memory and Distinguished Professor of Psychological Science; Criminology, Law, and Society; Cognitive Science and Law at UC Irvine. This extensive conversation covers her g

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Richard Brown & Elizabeth Loftus 19 Feb 2021 • EN

Elizabeth Loftus Live!

Join me for a discussion with Elizabeth Loftus, a Distinguished Professor of Psychological Science, Criminology, Law and Society, Cognitive Science, and  Law at UC Irvine, as we discuss her work on memory. Elizabeth’s websiteJoin me for a discussion with Elizabeth Loftus, a Distinguished Professor of Psychological Scie

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Jim Underdown & Elizabeth Loftus 20 Feb 2020 • EN

Professor Elizabeth Loftus on False Memories

Can our memories be trusted if they are easily manipulated by suggestions? Where is the line between repressed memories that bubble up to the surface and false memories that never existed? In this week's episode, Jim Underdown speaks to Professor Elizabeth Loftus on what happens in the courtroom when a person's memory

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Lawrence Krauss & Elizabeth Loftus 13 Jan 2020 • EN

Elizabeth Loftus

In this episode, Lawrence is joined by award-winning cognitive psychologist and author Elizabeth Loftus to discuss her ground-breaking work on false memories, recovered memories, “the misinformation effect” and the unreliability of eye-witness testimony. See the commercial-free, full HD videos of all episodes at www.pa

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Do you remember when you were a kid, and you had that great day at Disneyland where you got to meet Bugs Bunny? No? Think harder. It was a sunny day... In this episode of Rationally Speaking, Julia interviews psychologist Elizabeth Loftus, whose pioneering work on human memory revealed that our memories can be contamin

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