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Welcome to Best of The Authority! Thanks to wonderful listeners like you, this Be Podcast Network original series is growing and growing and still going strong. In case you haven’t been with us since the beginning, the “Best Of” is designed to catch you up on some of the best and most popular episodes you may have miss

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 Have you ever felt that gender equity at your workplace is a mere joke? Have you always been under continuous pressure to be ‘presentable’ just because you’re a woman? Have you ever felt that you are reluctant to build new healthy workplace relations for your career development? Have you experienced having an unapprec

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Kara Goldin & Kate Eberle Walker 09 Aug 2021 • EN

175 Kate Eberle Walker: CEO of PresenceLearning & Author of The Good Boss

“You've got to figure out what you can actually do that will help students figure out where they want to go and then get them there” Lots of wonderful insights on education and the workplace with our next guest, Kate Eberle Walker, CEO of PresenceLearning and author of The Good Boss. Kate talks about the remarkable mis

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CEO of PresenceLearning, Kate Eberle Walker, joins Zibby to talk about her new book, The Good Boss, and what it actually takes to become one. After deciding to stop telling other women that they needed to change in order to fit into workplaces that were designed by men for men, Kate realized she needed to create a guid

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Kwame Christian & Kate Eberle Walker 30 Apr 2021 • EN

How to Become a Supportive and Impactful Manager with Kate Eberle Walker

In this episode, Kate Eberle Walker, Author of The Good Boss: 9 Ways Every Manager Can Support Women at Work and CEO of PresenceLearning, discusses why the information for negotiating with women is wrong and how to be a better and more supportive manager. Request a Custom Workshop For Your Company Get Free Access to Ov

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Richard Rierson & Kate Eberle Walker 26 Feb 2021 • EN

Kate Eberle Walker & The Nine Ways Leaders Can Support Women at Work

Kate has spent 20+ years leading, managing, advising and investing in education companies and organizations.  She supports companies that innovate and educate, with a particular passion for leading companies that use technology to expand student access to the experts they need to support their education and development

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