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Daniel Roth 30 Oct 2023 • EN

The LinkedIn Doctrine

Daniel Roth, editor in chief of LinkedIn, on the professional social network's ascent. "Helping through knowledge-sharing" is the torch he's carried in the 12 years since joining the company from the magazine world. LinkedIn is now a news and content heavyweight.

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Daniel Roth & Ryan Roslansky 21 Sep 2023 • EN

This is Quick: How LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky makes decisions

This week, LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky sits in the hot seat for a round of rapid-fire questions about how he works. And this week, he turns it back around to ask host Daniel Roth about his own best practices! Ryan shares his excitement about The Path, his video and podcast series where the world's top leaders share the

18 min
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Daniel Roth & Ginni Rometty 13 Apr 2023 • EN

This is Quick with Ginni Rometty

After the red light goes off on our This is Working live show, we cajole guests to stick around for quick answers to questions about productivity and career growth — a feature called This is Quick. In this week's session, Ginni Rometty talks about how she stays off her phone, what she loves in a 1:1 — and why she can't

6 min
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Daniel Roth & Ginni Rometty 06 Apr 2023 • EN

Value-based leadership: Dan and Nina discuss Ginni Rometty

Welcome back to This is Working with Daniel Roth ! We’ve got a new format that we’re excited to share with you. As a companion to LinkedIn’s This is Working video series, each podcast episode will now bring you select interview excerpts alongside post-interview insights from LinkedIn Editor-in-Chief Dan Roth and his co

25 min
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Daniel Roth & Richard Branson 12 Jan 2023 • EN

Richard Branson on leading with empathy in difficult times

We’re kicking off this season with a conversation between our Editor-in-Chief, Daniel Roth, and our frequent guest, Sir Richard Branson. Branson is an introspective, transparent, and entrepreneurial guest. This conversation is edited and condensed from a LinkedIn Audio Event which occurred live on the platform. Topics

29 min
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Daniel Roth & Ray Dalio 22 Dec 2022 • EN

Ray Dalio on creating your own Principles

Billionaire investor and Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio rocketed to widespread fame several years ago with his bestselling book, Principles. The popular work outlines his unique approach to business and life. Now, Ray is out with a guided journal, so that anyone can devise a set of principles that work for th

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