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Daniel Faggella & Connie Chan 30 May 2023 • EN

Consumer Technology in the Age of AI - with Connie Chan of a16z

Today’s guest is Connie Chan, General Partner at a16z. In conversation with Emerj Senior Editor Matthew DeMello, Connie discusses the challenges consumer companies are facing from distribution to mobile technology. Later, she addresses how AI use cases in personalization and the consolidation of social media as marketi

24 min
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Ravi Belani & Connie Chan 08 Mar 2023 • EN

Connie Chan (Andreessen Horowitz) - Career Advice from a VC Pro

Connie Chan is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, a Silicon Valley-based technology venture capital firm with $35B in assets under management across multiple funds, where she focuses on investing in consumer technology. Chan joined the firm in 2011 as a deal partner on the investment team before becoming a gener

45 min
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Lauren Murrow & Connie Chan + Sriram Krishnan + D’Arcy Coolican + Jeff Jordan 24 Mar 2021 • EN

The Next Wave of Marketplace Startups

In the tech world, marketplaces are a hot topic. That term—marketplace—encompasses a huge swath of services we use every day, from grocery delivery to online shopping to remote learning. How have marketplace dynamics changed since pre-pandemic, and what COVID-propelled consumer behaviors will persist into 2021 and beyo

27 min
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Brian McCullough & Connie Chan 12 Dec 2020 • EN

(Bonus) - The Future of Video With A16Z's Connie Chan

Connie Chan, from Andreessen Horowitz, talking about: Live, Social, and Shoppable: The Future of Video See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

33 min
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Connie Loizo + Alex Gove & Connie Chan 29 Feb 2020 • EN

The Two Connies

Connie and Alex talk about this week"s tech news, including the coronavirus and its impact on startups and a weird story involving a top exec at Softbank"s Vision Fund; and Connie interviews Connie Chan of Andreessen Horowitz about four trends in consumer tech. Thanks for listening! Music: 1. "Inspired" by Kevin MacLeo

38 min
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Sonal Chokshi & Connie Chan + Nick Quah 03 Apr 2019 • EN

a16z Podcast: A Podcast About Podcasting

with Nick Quah (@nwquah), Connie Chan (@conniechan), and Sonal Chokshi (@smc90) It's a podcast about podcasting! About the state of the industry, that is. Because a lot has changed since we recorded "a podcast about podcasts" about four years ago: podcasts, and interest in podcasting -- listening, making, building -- i

67 min
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