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Adaam Levin-Areddy + Vanessa M. Quirk & Bill Deresiewicz 08 May 2023 • EN

Welcome to the Content Age (w/ William Deresiewicz)

William Deresiewicz — author of Excellent Sheep, The Death of the Artist, and The End of Solitude — has lived many lives. He’s been an orthodox Jewish boy who lost his faith; a journalism school student unimpressed by the pretensions of the profession; a literature professor who (blasphemously) loved books and teaching

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Srini Rao & Bill Deresiewicz 03 Oct 2022 • EN

Bill Deresiewicz | An Exploration of Education, Technology and Humanity

Bill Deresiewicz takes us on a fascinating journey through over 30 years of razor-sharp reflection on culture and society. How is the internet changing us? Why should we go to college? What is the purpose of art? What does it mean to be an individual and how do we retain our individuality in such a networked society? T

52 min
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Aidan McCullen & Bill Deresiewicz 10 Sep 2020 • EN

EP 238: The Death of the Artist with Bill Deresiewicz

There are two stories you hear about making a living as an artist in the digital age, and they are diametrically opposed. One comes from Silicon Valley and its boosters in the media. There’s never been a better time to be an artist, it goes. If you’ve got a laptop, you’ve got a recording studio. If you’ve got an iPhone

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