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Jordan Carlos + Michelle Buteau & Wyatt Cenac 01 Mar 2023 • EN

Am I Too Old to Like Puppets? feat. Wyatt Cenac

LIVE at the Bell House, Jordan + Michelle blast the Jamaican air horn for the "Mayor of Brooklyn" / comedian / writer / actor / friend, Wyatt Cenac. Michelle paints a picture of her teenage self getting into the club (her wardrobe, her cocktail, the iconic house track), Jordan boasts that his entry to the club--back in

48 min
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Andy Richter & Wyatt Cenac 22 Dec 2020 • EN

Wyatt Cenac

Comedian and writer Wyatt Cenac talks with Andy Richter about reconnecting with his family in Grenada, interning for Late Night during his college years, fighting to make his voice heard as the only black writer on The Daily Show, and more.

109 min
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James Acaster + Ed Gamble & Wyatt Cenac 21 Oct 2020 • EN

Ep 79: Wyatt Cenac

NY stand-up and writer Wyatt ‘Uncle Wy Wy’ Cenac joins us in the dream restaurant this week. And there's a whole fuffle over the Bake Off piss-window. Follow Wyatt Cenac on Instagram and Twitter: @wyattcenac Watch Wyatt Cenac’s Netflix special ‘Brooklyn’ on Netflix Recorded and edited by Ben Williams for Plosive Produc

51 min
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Jordan Carlos + Michelle Buteau & Naomi Ekperigin + Wyatt Cenac + Phoebe Robinson 21 May 2019 • EN

What Is an Acceptable Amount of Money to Spend on Pillows? feat. Naomi Ekperigin, Wyatt Cenac and Phoebe Robinson

Welcome to Adulting! The show where hosts Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos help us figure out how to grow the f**k up. Together. In this inaugural episode, Michelle and Jordan plan Naomi Ekperigin’s entire wedding in under a minute, Wyatt Cenac does his best muppet impression, and Phoebe Robinson shares some bathroom

47 min
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Sam Fragoso & Wyatt Cenac 05 May 2019 • EN

Episode 136 - Wyatt Cenac

Wyatt Cenac is the host of Problem Areas on HBO. It's a new kind of program– think Last Week Tonight meets Frontline, except hosted by someone whose comedy is dryer than the Sahara desert. On the podcast, we talk early stand-up days, growing up in Dallas, Texas, ego in comedy, running a show in 2019, the “anxiety crisi

57 min
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Ben Mathis & Wyatt Cenac 04 Apr 2019 • EN

Wyatt Cenac Fixes America One Problem at a Time

Comedian Wyatt Cenac discusses how he wanted to distinguish his HBO docuseries Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas from his work as a correspondent on The Daily Show including forgoing the traditional studio audience and creating a fun retro 70s look for the show.  He talks about checking his own biases to explore different pe

40 min
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