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Douglas Lain & Slavoj Žižek + Terry Pinkard 20 Jul 2022 • EN

Slavoj Zizek vs. Terry Pinkard (How to Read Hegel)

Slavoj Zizek and Terry Pinkard join Douglas Lain to discuss Hegel's Spirit or Geist. Is Hegel a philosopher that returns us to metaphysics or did Hegel continue Kant's Copernican turn? Further, must we overcome all metaphysical claims, even negative claims?

88 min
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Douglas Lain & Terry Pinkard 03 Jun 2022 • EN

Understanding Hegel and Revolution (ft. Terry Pinkard)

Terry Pinkard is a professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University. He is the author of Hegel: A Biography, Hegel's Phenomenology: The Sociality of Reason, and Hegel's Dialectic: The Explanation of Possibility. In this episode of Diet Soap Pinkard explains the significance of Hegel and addresses whether Hegel should b

56 min
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