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Steven Parton & Robert Sapolsky 16 Oct 2023 • EN

FBL115: Robert Sapolsky - A Determined Future, With No Free Will

This week our guest is Stanford neuroscientist, Robert Sapolsky. You may know Dr. Sapolsky from his incredible 25-part lecture series on Youtube, his triumphant book, Behave, or his guest appearances on the Joe Rogan and Huberman Lab podcasts. And if you know him from any of these things, you may also know that Sapolsk

57 min
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Steven Parton & Chris Ryan 14 Aug 2023 • EN

FBL112: Chris Ryan - The Modern World vs Evolution

This week our guest is author and podcast, Chris Ryan, who is well known for exploring the evolution of human society and behavior through his books, Sex at Dawn and Civilized to Death.  In this episode, we take a candid tour through the many misconceptions and misunderstandings of early hunter-gatherer lifestyles and

58 min
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Steven Parton & Adam Waytz 31 Jul 2023 • EN

FBL110: Adam Waytz - Ethics & Minds in the Age of AI

This week our guest is psychologist and professor at Northwestern University, Adam Waytz, who specializes in the study of technology, ethics, and how people think about the minds of others. In this episode, we take a wide tour across many topics as we explore Adam’s different areas of interest and focus. This often cen

54 min
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Steven Parton & Gabriella Rosen Kellerman 17 Jul 2023 • EN

FBL109: Gabriella Rosen Kellerman: Tomorrowmind & the Future of Work

This week our guest is Harvard-train physician and Chief Innovation Officer at Betterup Labs, Gabriella Rosen Kellerman, who co-authored the recently released book Tomorrowmind: Thriving at Work with Resilience, Creativity, and Connection―Now and in an Uncertain Future. In this episode, we take a tour of the many behav

48 min
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Steven Parton & David Auerbach 12 Jun 2023 • EN

FBL104- David Auerbach: Humanity is Shaped by Meganets We Don’t Control

This week our guest is author David Auerbach, who was a software engineer at Microsoft and Google during their rise to become the dominant companies they are today.  In this episode, David and I discuss his latest publication, Meganets: How Digital Forces Beyond Our Control Commandeer Our Daily Lives and Inner Realitie

49 min
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To celebrate our 100th episode, we welcome one of the co-founders of Singularity himself, Peter Diamandis. And although his educational background at MIT and Harvard Medical school is impressive enough, Peter has also built and invested in many successful companies and organizations dedicated to shaping a better world,

50 min
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