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Andrew Zuckerman + Spencer Bailey & Shantell Martin 03 Jun 2020 • EN

Shantell Martin on Getting to the Core of Who You Are

Artist Shantell Martin talks with us about the racial and economic inequality of Covid-19, the virus of racism, the power of reflection, and the importance of fighting against institutional memory loss.

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Carl Paoli & Shantell Martin 27 Jan 2020 • EN

#35 Shantell Martin: Who Are We?

This week we Carl Paoli is joined on the podcast by Shantell Martin. Shantell Martin is a visual artist best known for her large scale, black-and-white drawings. She performs many of her drawings for a live audience. In this episode Shantell shares her life journey and her philosophy for encouraging self expression and

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Chris Denson & Shantell Martin 07 Jan 2020 • EN

#237: Shantell Martin - Drawn to New Perspectives

From MIT to Puma to the New York City Ballet to Google to Kendrick Lamar, to homes and office buildings around the world and back again, Shantell Martin and her artwork have become iconic staples in culture. Most famously, her work asks one simple question: "Who are you?" -- a question that all of us to have in our bac

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Debbie Millman & Shantell Martin 20 May 2019 • EN

Shantell Martin

Debbie talks with artist Shantell Martin about her unorthodox career, her collaborations, and about the business of making art.

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Nick Onken & Shantell Martin 15 Jul 2016 • EN

96: Shantell Martin – How To Find Your Unique Path As An Artist

"Because I didn’t fit in and no one pressured me to fit in, I could be different and I could do art." - Shantell Martin Hey guys, welcome back to ONKEN RADIO, the podcast where we explore the body, mind, and soul of the creative entrepreneur. It’s my goal to help you take your creativity, business, and life to the next

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